How Is Chocolate Made?

Well, here is that one flavor that no other flavor in this world can beat. The most popular and tasty indulgence is none other than the chocolate. 9 out of 10 people like chocolate and the tenth person is lying! Which is maybe why the worldwide production has reached a staggering 3 million tons. Turning these flashy fruits into melt in the mouth treats is an epic endeavor. The best chocolates are not only expensive but also rare in availability. Made with the finest cocoa in the world, chocolate is the flavor of gods. Let’s see how these heavenly sweets come to us.

Giving someone the best piece of chocolate they have ever tasted can make their day. Since its discovery in Central America over 3000 years ago, the whole world has developed a taste for chocolates. But how do you make the chocolate?

Process Of Chocolate Making

Not all chocolates taste the same as coffee, tea, wine, soil, climate, and processing all affect the final flavor. The source of all these chocolates lies in the tropics. Chocolate is made from the Cocoa plant and the Cocoa tree only grows in these hot, humid latitudes within the thousand kilometers of the equator.

Cocoa beans are sorted, fermented for some days and then dried. After that, you have to grind them up into nibs and then roast them. Sounds just like any other easy process? Well, it’s not. Let me explain to you why.

Seedlings To Cocoa Trees

The cocoa trees are first grown by planting the tiny seeds in the coarse, damp soil they need to grow. After a few days, the seeds begin to sprout and after four weeks they shot up to 30cms. But it still takes three years for these seedlings to grow into trees and start bearing fruits. After protecting the fruit from insects and waiting that long the getting the fruit off the tree is a challenge as they have to be cut off one by one.


Once the cocoa pods are collected extracting the seeds is also done by hand. The seeds inside were once used as currency, if you wanted flashy cash, one hundred would get you a turkey.


The slippery membrane may taste sweet the seeds inside are hard and extremely bitter. Turning them into a tasty treat means leaving them to ferment for six days. This breaks down the bitterness and starts to release the essential chocolate flavors.


After just the right amount of fermentation, they are laid out in the sun slowly drying out the unwanted skin. Leaving behind dark cocoa beans ready to be turned into chocolate and that means a journey to the grinding factory.


Now, these beans still don’t taste much like chocolate. First, they are cleaned to get rid of any impurities using the process called Vinoying. The part of the bean then left is called the Nib. To bring out the chocolaty flavor these nibs are roasted for over half an hour. This develops the aroma but transforming them into something more appetizing means a visit in the grinder.


Grinding releases the fat inside and outcomes a river of molten coco know as Cocoa Liquor. To make fine chocolate this liquor has to be ground several more times and then mixed with sugar and emulsified to produce a solid block of dark chocolate.

Milk And White Chocolate

Of course, not everyone likes dark chocolate. So how do they turn this rich liquor into milk and white chocolate? The solution is to squeeze the living daylight out of it. The liquor is made to be compressed by the huge hydraulic lamps. Out course, the Cocoa butter. Mixing this with the Cocoa liquor, milk and sugar creates milk chocolates and living out the liquor gives you white chocolate. What is left behind are slabs of dry cocoa solids used in anything from chocolate drinks to cakes. 

Buying Chocolate

The part of the chocolate appeal is that it can be combined with so many other flavors. But as you have seen above, extracting and making the chocolate is not as easy as it sounds. To make 100% your chocolate first you have to give years to plant a tree and that too if you live in the tropics. Catch, right? But to taste a bar of great chocolate you do not have to do all that but just to grab the Chocolates in After Christmas Sales. It will help to get the exotic chocolates at very good discounts during the holiday season.