How Industries Can Optimize Their Air Compressor Usage

Air compressors are used in various industries, including hospitals, aerospace, mining, wood products, and plastics. However, air compressors must be maintained to deliver efficient services. Despite regular maintenance services, those using them should apply the best practices during usage. This way, the air compressors function correctly and safely. Below are tips on how industries should use their air compressors.

Minimize Friction

Industries intend that their air compressors work faster and efficiently to deliver satisfactory services. However, too much friction in the air compressor reduces its performance. To reduce friction, they should use a short and medium-sized diameter hose. This way, air flows smoothly, especially if the hoses are joined using an auxiliary tank. Apart from hose size and length, the compressor’s moving parts should remain lubricated to minimize friction.

Keep it Clean

When an air compressor is working, it filters air particles and collects moisture stored in the receiver tank. Thus, companies should regularly clean the filter and the receiver tanks to prevent buildup, reducing efficiency. An air compressor containing buildup works slowly and develops mechanical issues requiring repairs once in a while. It can also contaminate the compressed air, which dramatically affects service delivery in various industries.

Ensure it Stays in a Stable Surface

Whether an air compressor is used in a particular area or moved to different regions for usage, it should always be kept in a flat place because it vibrates when working. This way, it’s stable and can fall over when working. Again, air compressors that use oil should sit in a flat place to ensure that interior fluids remain in place. Therefore, industries using air compressors should ensure safety by keeping them in a stable place.

Familiarize with Air Compressor Controls

Every air compressor type has specific controls to ensure efficiency. Thus, those using air compressors should know how to use each air control to avoid damaging it. They should read the air compressor user’s manual to understand how each part works and handle it.  Also, they should learn how to switch on and off and differentiate between specific controls such as variable displacement controls and modulating controls. This way, they ensure that the air compressor works with the correct pressure and speed.

Keep the Air Compressor Cool

As the air conditioner is working, it produces lots of heat which reduce its efficiency. It also needs more energy to compress the expanding warm air. Air compressors without heat exchangers and cooling systems can’t cool down without assistance. Therefore, those using such air compressors should switch it off to help it cool down. Before switching it on again, ensure it has cooled off completely. This prevents it from wear and tear, increases efficiency, and lasts longer. It also prevents expensive repairs and replacements that save industries lots of money. Industries using air compressors to deliver various services should follow these tips to increase their efficiency. They should try out Gardner Denver compressor service because it’s unparalleled in the market. This way, their customers will always be happy.


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