How In-Home Doctor Visits And Medical Care Benefit The Elderly

Until the 1940s, it was common for doctors to visit and treat patients at home. Later on, hospitals and clinics were preferred by doctors for providing treatment because of financial and profit-related reasons. The discovery and invention of new and large treatment and diagnosis equipment also facilitated the growth of hospitals including the multispecialty hospitals. But recently there is an increasing trend of doctors providing a patient medical care and treatment at home, but this time there is some other reason to it.

An increased population of elderly (because of increase in life expectancy) is now again favouring the in-home treatments and doctor consultation at home. The “over 85 years of age” population is now the fastest growing population segment in the USA while the population lying in the age group of 65 years and above will be doubling in the next 15 years. This huge population segment also needs the most care including medical care. As the elderly avoid going to hospitals and clinics because of the inconvenience involved and often suffer from one or more chronic conditions (including cancer and heart disease is stroke among others), the in-home services for medical care are now more common and in greater demand.

Here are some benefits of doctors at home therapeutic services for the elderly.


  • Convenient for the Differently Abled:

    Around 3 million elderly people in America are disabled to an extent where they cannot visit a nursing home, emergency room and hospital. Other people and elderly above the age of 60 years avoid going to the hospital if it is an ordeal, and mostly elderly suffer from mobility related inconvenience and discomfort due to their health issues or condition. An in-home doctor visit is the only solution for these elderly as they can get expert and specialised medical care at an affordable cost. The cost of treatment also increases, if the disease or condition is not cured in time. Elderly want to avoid this situation and hence always approach medical service or doctors who are ready to visit them at their home.


  • Allied Medical Services Facilitate Home Care:

    Apart from specialist home visit doctor in the field of Oncology, Pulmonology, Cardiology and other domains, other health care practitioners including physiotherapist, and nurses are also willing to provide home care to patients. This allied medical home care, especially nursing is facilitating and boosting the in-home medical care service business model and therapeutic care segment. The in-home services are also now more complete and comprehensive, and the patients can be provided with many treatments at home itself. For instance, the elderly can be administered the IV (intravenous) bottles and injections at home itself, and can also do the physiotherapy exercises along with the allopathic treatment of osteoarthritis.


  • 24/7 Availability:

    In-home medical care is available 24X7 and all an elderly patient has to do is to call a service provider to get a doctor visit his home in the least of time. All the necessary arrangements for providing medical care may be done at the home of the patient itself to a great extent, and he/she can also pay for the services easily at home itself.


  • Remain in the Family Companionship:

    Elderly and seniors can now remain in the company of their spouse, sons, daughters, grandchildren, and other family members and also need not lose their social circle while getting a treatment. Elderly finds this benefit of companionship and independence important as any time they get with their family or close acquaintances, it is  precious for them due to their age and progressively falling health.

The in-home medical care services are being offered in all states of the USA and other parts of the world as well. You can call a service or can fill an online form and the expert services will bring to you the expert medical professionals, at a reasonable price at your home itself.


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