How Important is Your Brand Name?

You might be wondering why a brand name is so important for customers, and if you should take the time to develop brand name ideas. The short answer is that brand names are critical for businesses. Choosing the right brand name for your business is crucial for business owners that want to stay relevant, grow their business, and gain more clientele.

The right store name can help your business is regarded as authoritative, unique and also help foster trust among customers. Below are some of the many reasons why you need to take the time to develop a brand name ideas list and put thought into your store name. 

What is a Brand Name?

Put simply, a brand name is a name you choose for your business, store, or brand. It’s important to note that a brand name has legal implications. When you create a company, your business name will be used for several important tax purposes, can be included in a trademark lawsuit, and can be protected when filed with your state or local government.

It’s best to choose a unique brand name and file your business name as soon as possible. Keep in mind that not all businesses will need a brand name. For instance, if you run a freelancing business where you provide make-up for brides, you probably won’t need to file a business name as you are the sole worker and owner. 

What is Brand Experience?

Business names are also important to help develop brand experience. Brand experience refers to a customer’s experience when they interact with your hand. Brand experience includes the five senses, such as when a customer enters your store and smells fresh aromas or oils. Even the lighting you use in the store, the font and color of your logos, and your customer service relate to brand experience.

The power of a name influences brand experience. For example, if you open a nightclub that pays EDM music, choosing a name such as “Trance Electric” can help promote your brand experience. When choosing a name that influences your brand experience, consider using a name generator like Namify. Namify lets users input keywords about their business and instantly generates unique names. 

Important Factors To Consider Creating a Store Name

Brand experience and unique names are only two factors to consider when creating a store name. Other factors to consider include:

  • Domain availability. Will your business have a website associated with it? If so, consider choosing a name that has a domain available, such as “”. Namify allows you to generate a name and also check if it is available to purchase as a domain.
  • Accessibility: Is your business name easy to pronounce? If another customer shares your business name with a potential customer, will it be easy to remember or Google? 
  • Scalability: Will your business name hinder you from incorporating other products or services? Choosing a name that encompasses value rather than a specific product is best. For instance, “Wines By Martha” might only suggest you sell wines instead of food tastings and pairings or vineyard tours. Instead, choosing a name like “Martha Vineyards” can help your business continue to grow.

Keep these factors in mind when choosing a brand name. Incorporating these factors and understanding the legal implications of your business name can help you develop brand name ideas and find a store name you’ll love.