How Important Are Online Reviews for Your Business?

Should you encourage your customers to leave reviews, or do you let them do as they wish?

As it turns out, you should be encouraging them. It’s easy to do since all you need is to ask. Around 70% of consumers will give you an online review after asking. 

Feedbacks have many ways of getting more sales and customers. Keep reading to see why online reviews are important and why you should be encouraging them.

Product Reviews Are a Big Part of Decision-Making

Humans are big on social proof in every decision-making. That’s why 97% of online shoppers say that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. As much as 92% will hesitate if you don’t have reviews.

It’s why product reviews also influence your sales. Positive reviews are especially useful in driving buying decisions. 

Google Reviews Can Help You Rank Higher 

Did you know that Google factors in online reviews to determine your ranking? They make up a huge chunk of Google’s ranking factors. The more reviews you have, the more it will boost your SEO and SEM efforts.

Sometimes, online reviews matter more than other aspects of SEO, like your website’s link profiles. Still, it’s better to make all aspects right instead of relying on reviews. If you want to know how to increase Google reviews, go here now.

Customer Reviews Increase Your Online Presence

In digital marketing, you’ll compete with thousands of competitors for visibility. Online reviews help with that.

You get your name out there every time a website or customer reviews your product or brand. It can kickstart conversations about you, spreading your brand to more people.

As you’ll appear higher on search engines, you get more brand visibility as well. Even if they don’t click on your site, seeing your name helps them become familiar with you. It might translate to a sale later on.

Online Reviews Boost Your Credibility

Enjoy an improvement in your credibility when you have mostly positive online reviews. After all, reviews are proof that an actual customer interacted with your business.

Positive reviews make consumers trust a business more even if they haven’t had previous interactions. They trust the reviews like how they trust personal recommendations. 

Reviews Open Communication With Your Customers

Online conversations allow you to directly communicate with consumers. Whether it’s negative or positive, a review helps show off your customer service skills.

You can respond to online store reviews, social media posts, blog posts, and such. Doing this gives your audience a caring image. It makes them feel valued if you respond to their opinions.

A personalized thank you message to positive reviews will go far. Negative reviews, on the other hand, are a good chance to rectify your mistakes.

Encourage Online Reviews

Online reviews help you in more ways than what we’ve mentioned here. As such, encourage your customers to give feedback. However, what matters is how you react to these reviews afterward.

After you get more reviews, you should also respond to them. Check out our website today for more tips.