How Immigration Lawyers Help Students From Other Countries

1. Why immigration lawyers are essential for students

Whether you are an international student or want to become an immigrant in another country, it is crucial to hire an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers can help students by providing better education by giving them a much better chance of getting scholarships and financial aid from the university. The US government has passed laws that make it possible for international students who want to immigrate to the United States to have a great opportunity of staying here permanently. In addition, once they earn their degree, they will be able to work efficiently after graduation. It is pretty easy if you have all your papers filed correctly by hiring good immigration lawyers specializing in this area.

Immigration lawyers can assist students even before they enter the US. Foreigners wanting to study at any college or university in the US must know that they have to deal with US immigration laws. They cannot remain in the country for more than one year without a visa. However, it is possible for students who are given the scholarship to extend their visa as long as they are still allowed to get a degree from an accredited institution. Attending school will enable them to apply and receive permanent residency, also known as a Green Card, once they graduate and fulfill all requirements when dealing with immigrants, such as high English proficiency, work experience, etc.

2. What to do if you’re in trouble with the law

Dealing with the law is not something most people think about very often, and when it happens, almost everyone feels overwhelmed. You may have been caught doing something you didn’t want to get involved in, or you could be a victim of someone else’s mistake. Perhaps you are scared and having an emotional reaction, but your best bet, if you’re arrested, would be to call an immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

It has happened before that police officers will sometimes make a mistake and arrest immigrants without proper legal status. If they do make a mistake like this, then the chances are good that they probably won’t let on right away. They will likely proceed with the arrest without taking the time to figure out who exactly they need to take into custody.

3. How immigration attorneys can help international students stay in school and get a visa

No matter how hard you work on your studies and in college, it is possible to get deported. Many international students don’t realize what can happen if they overstay their visa, change their major of study or even stop attending classes. So, it is crucial to know how immigration lawyers can help international students stay in school and get a visa.

The government policies are stringent when it comes to international students and their status. You can’t work without a valid F-1 visa, you can’t get a driver’s license, or even open a bank account. But immigration attorneys in the USA can help students solve this problem and stay in the country.

4. Types of visas available to international students who want to study in America

Just as a driver’s license can be obtained in different ways, according to the state where one resides or studies, various types of visas are available for international students who want to study in America. These include F-1 passports (university student), J-1 visas (summer programs or exchange programs), and H-1B visas (for those working in particular fields). Some even hold green cards, which entitle them to permanent residency.

In general, international students from other countries who come here with the intent of studying must apply for student visas at US Consulates abroad before entering the country. The application process is extensive and involves gathering many documents such as academic transcripts and high school diplomas. Applicants must also pass a PHYSICAL examination that includes an eye-sight test.

5. The benefits of hiring an immigration lawyer before coming to America

The primary reason that we highly recommend students from all countries to be represented by an immigration attorney is that in the US, there are special rules and policies for non-citizens, especially international students. Therefore, this requires attorneys who are experts in all areas of the complex immigration laws.

Students should understand that simply having an F-1 visa does not guarantee entry. They must have an I-20, approved by US Immigration and Citizenship Services (USCIS), which certifies that they’re authorized to study and live in the United States for the length of their program or time on campus as long as they maintain good standing with their educational institution(s). It’s important to note here that any violation could result in deportation from America, so seeking legal advice before leaving home is critical to success once you arrive.

6. Some common mistakes made by international students when they come here

Most international students make many common mistakes when they arrive in the United States. For example:

  • Not having proper documentation from their educational institution showing current enrollment or acceptance in school
  • They failed to have sufficient funds on hand during the entire period they need to be in the United States.
  • They did not know their rights if they were detained by the police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement and how to request release on bond from a detention center.
  • Failing to get proper INS [now USCIS} authorizations such as permission (called “advanced parole”) for international students at public educational institutions to travel outside of the United States during school breaks

We could go on forever listing the errors that international students can make. What’s more, it appears that there is a never-ending supply of new students coming over here with little knowledge about what they need to do to stay legally while studying in this country. That’s one reason why immigration lawyers exist to help these people.

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