How I Was Able to Resolve My Pending Crypto & Wallet-related Issue

Last week, my huge Bitcoin transaction was stuck for over a week. I also tried with smaller transactions, but they didn’t get processed, because the older transaction was still stuck. I was afraid that the money might get lost, and I didn’t want that to happen. I refreshed my screen a lot, changed the connectivity of my device, and restarted it, but I saw no change.

I used another device to login into my crypto wallet, but there was no change. I contacted the support team of my wallet, but the results were the same. I tried using it through my mobile data rather than my Wi-Fi. I also tried the same with my parent’s phones. So, I went online and posted on the community server about a bug in the wallet transactions. But nobody else said that they were having a problem with their transaction. I tried to redo my transaction but still wasn’t successful; instead, they started a new transaction that again couldn’t take place.

My friends also suggested I pay through external options like PayPal so that the miners can do it faster. But its fees are way more than the ordinary way. It felt like I was bribing them, so I didn’t do it, even when it could have ended my current finance issue right there.

After doing all of these, it was confirmed that it wasn’t due to hardware or software failure, neither was it a bug. I may have probably made some mistake somewhere. Still, I called my friends to ask them if they were having the same problem or if there’s a bug when the wallet is used during transactions. They said that they weren’t facing such issues. Some of my friends said that it could have been because of the restart of the nodes.

I got a referral to agent Ben from the community where I had earlier posted, and I contacted him via email. He promised to investigate and carry out an analysis. The swift response from him was appreciable and it turned out that I was the one who made a mistake while performing the transaction.

It turns out that I had set the transaction fee quite low. It was the same that I used a couple of weeks ago. The fee has been increased a bit. I, being a cheapskate, tried to increase it by bare decimals and it kept on declining. When it crossed some points only then was the transaction accepted. There’s a set amount, once it crosses that, it got accepted as no one else is paying that high a fee.

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