How I Found a Reliable Long Daycare Center Near Me — Top Tips

As a busy mom, one of the pressing issues I faced during my child’s developmental years was how to find long daycare services I could trust for him. Skimming through the pages of newspapers, it’s not unusual to come across horrid reports of a child suffering maltreatment, severe neglect, or sexual abuse in the hands of a maid. 

My heart sank each time I read news stories like this. I feared how my boy would cope with this sort of threat that could come from the person entrusted with the responsibility of looking after him, who might end up taking advantage of him. 

Using the tips below, I was able to solve this issue. Here’s how I found a reliable long day care centres near me:  

Key Questions I Asked the Daycare Before Opting-In

I checked around to make a list of some services I would do some background check on. I focused on centers close enough to walk to, arrive by public transportation, drive to, or with a bussing service for kids. 

Also, I narrowed down my search to daycares in a safe and secure area to ensure my child’s safety. After getting a couple of options, the next thing I did was to get a feel for these places by asking the following questions over the phone:

  • What are your costs (application fee and tuition) and schedule? Depending on the individual circumstances, price and hours of operation are essential factors to keep in mind. If you feel the answers you got to this question aren’t satisfactory, you can eliminate a provider from the list.
  • Are you accredited? A state license can’t guarantee that your child will receive enough attention from a qualified and loving caregiver. But it will boost your chances and show that the service provider has met health and safety standards set by the government. Centers in Australia like Red Hill Kindergarten satisfy these requirements.
  • Is there a waiting list? In some daycares, especially the ones you’ll find in larger cities for infants and younger babies, there are long waiting lists. Quality centers with waiting lists in Australia are many, including Norman Park Community Kindergarten and several others. 
  • How many kids do you take care of at a go? Babies and young toddlers – as well all know – require lots of attention. For this reason, it’s crucial to ensure that the facility sets limits. Though ratio requirements are different in various locations, set your sights on more trained adults for groups of younger kids.

What are your qualifications and experience? I expected caregiver(s) to be trained in CPR and first aid. Hence, this is one area I made inquiries about. At a group center, ensure the director has a degree in early childhood education. Also, check to be sure their teachers are trained in that field or have a degree in early childhood development.

You’ll want a center where caregivers use positive discipline to ensure a happy childhood and better mental and physical health.

Types of Daycares 

When searching for long day care services, here are your options:

  • Group daycare: Group daycare facilities are state-licensed. They’re typically run like a school, and children of various ages are cared for in groups. 
  • In-home daycare: This type is run out of the service provider’s home, where she also often cares for her kids simultaneously. 

Searching for long day care services for your child is a task many busy parents do. Before you opt for any center, consider asking questions on the qualifications they have in early childhood education, how much they charge, and related issues. Working with the tips above, I was able to find reliable long day care centers near me. I believe you can, too.

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