How Have Gold Mining Stocks Performed Over the Last Few Years?

Gold has been considered as a safety investment in times of market commotion or financial unrest. There are a number of investors who have gotten themselves exposed to the risk of gold investments by acquiring stocks of a company which are involved in gold mining or gold exploration.

There are a number of gold players in the industry, including Franco Nevada Corp. (FNV), Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (WPM), and Newcrest Mining Ltd. (NCM). In the past 12 months, the performance of gold stocks has exceeded that of the broader market. This is due mostly to the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic.

This can be seen from the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) where the performance of gold has reflected a return of 61.1% as opposed to the total return of 8.9% posted by the S&P 500’s during the same tenure.

Let us discuss the top three best value gold stocks and the fastest growing gold stocks in the following section of this article.

Best Value Gold Stocks

A recent report at Gold News Australia mentions the following gold stocks rank the top three in terms of their P/E ratio (price to earnings ratio):

Caledonia Mining Corp. PLC: Caledonia Mining Corp. PLC: is a mineral development and exploration company in South Africa. The focus of this company is on the gold mines of Zimbabwe. As previously mentioned, the gold production of Caledonia Mining Corp. PLC has increased at a rate of 12.5%.

Barrick Gold Corp.: Barrick Gold Corp. is a gold mining company based in Canada, and the primary focus of its operations is on the sale and production of copper and gold. U.S., South America, Canada, Africa, and Australia are some of the countries where Barrick Gold Corp. has active mining and development projects.

Kinross Gold Corp.: Kinross Gold is a gold mining company based in Canada with its primary focus on the development, exploration, and production of gold.  Kinross Gold has properties in various parts of the world including the U.S., Canada, Russia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Mauritania, and Ghana.

Fastest Growing Gold Stocks

The following gold stocks rank the top three in terms of their YoY EPS (earnings per share), you can also take a look at the following link for more information on Australian gold mining stocks.

Alacer Gold Corp.: Alacer Gold Corp. is a producer and is involved in the projects of mining and development as well as exploration of mineral deposits in Turkey. In July, Alacer Gold Corp. shareholders voted to approve a merger with SSR Mining Inc. (SSRM.TO). Alacer Gold Corp. received key regulatory approval from the Supreme Court of Yukon in Canada’s Yukon Territory on July 17.

Newmont Corp.: Newmont acquires and develops mineral properties. The company produces primarily gold, but also silver, copper, zinc, and lead.

SSR Mining Inc.: SSR Mining is an exploration and development company based in Canada and is primarily involved in these projects for gold and silver mines. It has operations throughout the Americas, with its three largest properties located in Nevada; Saskatchewan, Canada; and Argentina. As mentioned, SSR Mining agreed to merge with Alacer Gold Corp.