How HATIL become the most popular furniture brand in Bangladesh

Owning a modest life with SmartFit furniture is the new era’s trend. The usefulness and adaptability of this type of furniture are the major considerations. It places a premium on quality above quantity. This new craze aims to show simplicity, clear space, and clean lines. SmartFit furniture is widely available at HATIL. Furniture for both the bedroom and the reading area is included in this collection. The product’s haptic attributes and durability are highlighted by the minimalist design, which makes it eternal.

To provide you with the finest in office and home furniture online, the HATIL team spends countless hours going through innovative items and ergonomic designs. Though everyone’s tastes in interior design and style vary, one thing stays constant: no one can deny the value of well-designed, comfortable office and home furniture. They’ve got you covered, whether you’re searching for a productive workstation or a cloud-like sofa.

What’re the reasons behind Hatil’s popularity?

For over three decades, HATIL has maintained its position as the greatest furniture manufacturing company by consistently supplying qualified furniture with customer-centricity, and it has expanded its services by furnishing everyone with more than 70 outlets around the country. HATIL has been making SmartFit modern furniture for the Bangladeshi furniture business for quite some time now, and they have already been acknowledged as a game-changer in the Bangladeshi furniture sector.

Here are some of the advancements that have helped HATIL become so successful that it has earned the title of the front-line leading company:

  • Hatil has retail locations throughout Bangladesh and other countries, but to make their wonderful furniture available to all of their valued consumers, they have created HATIL V. This is the first project of its sort in any Bangladeshi furniture manufacturer, and it is available on a variety of digital devices.
  • Because the virtual showroom is available to everyone without discrimination, it has enabled the company to tap into a potentially limitless pool of consumers in Bangladesh and other nations. Even from afar, they can get a sense of the furnished setting and items.
  • To bring clients inside the virtual store through digital devices, high-quality renderings are required. The ability to tour the sites at their leisure and chosen visual perspectives is enhanced by a 360° depiction of the showroom. They’ll be able to see the things in their proposed arrangement on their cell phones or computers as well.
  • HATIL Furniture began its adventure with mid-priced furniture, focusing on the middle class, and it continues to do so even after attaining global recognition.
  • HATIL has always focused on developing furniture to meet the diverse demands and interests of consumers of all classes and ages. Additionally, they are producing a variety of innovative furniture designs into which they have poured all of their engaging ideas while prioritizing quality. Similarly, they are currently concentrating on house and hall interior designs.
  • HATIL employs cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing process, such as CNC machines, robots, and up-to-date software, to reduce labor costs. Again, the implementation of a lean manufacturing process results in a great finish of the furniture with the least amount of materials wasted and optimal resource and labor allocation, resulting in zero extra cost and efficient production.
  • Their smartfit furniture is sleek, contemporary, and appealing to a younger audience. For most of the designs, Hatil also offers a variety of color and fabric options, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. If you’re weary of seeing the same old worn-out furniture in every home, their furniture collection would be ideal for you and your new home.

History of HATIL’S journey

HATIL began in 1966 as a small wood company called H.A. Timber Industries Ltd. founded by Habibur Rahman, a pious businessman, which dealt with the trade of a range of timber goods such as Chittagong Teak, Jarul, Teak Chambul, Burma Teak, Red Oak, and Beechwood.

Then, with a little investment of 50,000 BDT, Habibur Rahman’s son, Selim H. Rahman decided to start making doors in a factory owned by his father with the aid of an employee named Ahsan Habib. In 1989, he borrowed money from his father and opened a store in Badda called HATIL Doors, which solely sold doors.

The growing demand for doors improved his company, and he opened a second location in Kazipara, Mirpur. In 1990, Mr. Selim established a door-making plant by renting a flour mill in Gandaria, Old Dhaka, to meet the rising demand. Along with doors, mattresses, and tables, they began producing furniture in 1993, when they rented a 5,000-square-foot facility in Kuril.

HATIL’s recognition as the leading brand

Since its inception in Bangladesh, HATIL has evolved into the most contemporary and sophisticated furniture collection in the world, gaining acclaim for delivering great items that are made using selected and cautious methods to raw materials selection. HATIL’s front-line leadership has been backed up by distinctive designs, fair pricing, and abundant customer service.

With all of these in mind, HATIL has gained widespread recognition in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Egypt, Russia, Nepal, Bhutan, and India, where they shipped furniture worth around 1.5 million dollars. Furthermore, HATIL Furniture has won the HSBC-Daily Star Climate Award, 2013 for its eco-friendly manufacturing, putting the company in the Green Operation Category.

After transforming from a wood store to a worldwide company, HATIL today commands a significant share of Bangladesh’s Tk10,000 crore furniture market, with current revenue of around Tk500 crore. Furthermore, their domestic market net sales are about 3 billion BDT each year.

The bottom line

HATIL has elevated furniture production to a whole new level. Their SmartFit furniture range is geared to mix in with Bangladesh’s furniture culture. HATIL has endeavored to match its furniture with excellent delectability in every element of design, innovation, materials, and technology. Hatil will clearly show you how each modern furniture line has been constructed to stand out in every particular environment.

HATIL’s greatest success is the attainment of the title of the most adored brand in the country. HATIL rose to the top of the marketplace thanks to its core values of treating customers and partners fairly, a vision to help people of all socioeconomic classes improve their quality of life through innovative and environmentally friendly business practices, and a mission to stay current by offering unique designs at a reasonable price.

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