How habits Influence Your Business Success .

It is another morning. I woke up and arranged well my bed before going to take a shower. After finishing, I had breakfast and start the journey towards my workplace. A lot of us have this everyday daily routine. How do we find ourselves into this routine, and sometimes we perform the series of activities without even knowing it? Our daily activities and the frequency we practice makes our habit formation. Habits are formed on the basis of repetition. The more we repeat an action, the more it gets firm and creates powerful neurons.

The degree of our success depends much on the habits we have. Patterns at an early age are a product of our genetic inheritance from parents, family background, religion, and the environment. No matter how smart you are, if you lack the spirit of discipline and practicing positive habits, then success won’t be on your way. Filtering and analyzing your habits is essential as it helps you to understand who you are and what thoughts and practices you should create for your future success. Your habits link together with your progress. If you want to succeed in any area of your life, it is essential to learn good habits and unlearn bad habits. Learning involves practicing the new good habits such as waking up early, exercising every morning, thanking your colleagues, and stop eating junk foods. You are who you are because of what you do. If you want to be someone else, then change what you do. You can’t be a football player if you don’t play football and also you can’t be successful if you don’t have successful habits. The foundation of successful habits is the frequency practice of what you want to do. On the other side, if you had a terrible foundation, you are not late because it is possible to unlearn bad habits. Let us explore the three crucial aspects of practices that link with your success.

Good habits influence emotional intelligence; there is a connection between the right practices and the degree of emotional intelligence, especially in an executive position in successful companies. Top executives must have excellent emotional intelligence skills because they are directly linked with potential customers and also have an influence on the productivity of their subordinates. While technical skills are based on the knowledge acquired from the college, emotional intelligence is practically based on the family background. Having good habits may imply having excellent emotional intelligence skills. If you are a software developer of Tech company, it’s obvious you will have skills concerning coding. The difference between those who excel in their fields and those who do is not the IQ they possess but their habits and their degree of emotional intelligence. If you want to make it in any field, then create good habits. Good hiring managers do not hire people depending on their GPA only but on their ability to interact friendly with customers and market the Company’s product through their good habits.

Good habits improve your relationship with customers; customers need excellent services and high-quality customer care. Having knowledge concerning customer care from top institutions such as Oxford, Havard, Stanford, or MIT won’t make you a great sales manager or an excellent customer care service provider. You can demonstrate beyond what you studied in class. Excellent customer care is seen when you go the extra mile and use your personality, which includes your words, gestures, and body language to inspire someone to see the beauty of the product through your habits. The quality of service you provide will have an endless memory of the customer or worse experience depending on your habits. People should be able to remember your experience with them and the service you offered.

Good habits give you opportunities; it is the law of Karma. What you do to others will also come back to you. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group. In his book, “Just Do It” explains the importance of having good habits and conduct fair deals in the business. After being held in prison for corrupt dealings in business, Richard acknowledged that bad habits have no power in influencing your market but is an excellent ingredient in destroying your business and your brand. When you have a great personality and goof habits, you will attract many opportunities and create a powerful personal brand. Social media have changed the way people interact and connect. The use of social media has allowed many people to excel in their careers and life. Nowadays, big companies require to know your Facebook account or Twitter account to see how you interact with others through your photos, posts, and comments. Companies believe in the fact; social media accounts have a high power to tell what kind of person you are. You may miss business opportunities or employment opportunities because of your bad habits when using social media. The way you behave is not only seen when you meet with people but also on what you say, post, or photos you post on social media.

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