How GPS/Laser Rangefinders Can Help You Improve Your Game

Due to advancements in technology, the games of golf, as well as the golfers themselves have changed significantly. From measuring the covered distance themselves to GPS tracking on smartphones to GPS golf club distance trackers, we have come a long way. Should I buy a GPS or laser rangefinder for a golfing aid is one of the most commonly asked questions. In this blog, we will discuss how these two golf technologies can help you improve your game and what are their pros and cons.

Although they are completely different things, the purpose of both laser and GPS golf rangefinders is the same — to provide the golfers with accurate measurements and yardages.

GPS Golf Rangefinders

A GPS golf rangefinder is a watch or smartphone GPS, which is highly useful in the fields where you have never played as it gives you the idea of the course and obstacles. It provides overhead maps as well as information about possible hazards. GPS golf rangefinders come in handy. They will be right there on your wrist and you would not have to take them out from your backpack every time. GPS golf rangefinders are quick and easy to use and don’t need steady hands to measure. Also, they are less time-consuming; don’t slow you down because you can just look at your watch for measurements.

One major downside of GPS golf rangefinders is that they don’t offer accurate measurements and exact yardages to the flag.

Laser Golf Rangefinders
A laser golf rangefinder is a device that lets you measure the distances accurately and quickly. You just have to point the device in the direction of your target and you get your readings right away. There is no input required. The device reads the measurements for you. The rangefinder is very efficient, easy to use, and gives you precise measurements at any point, even within plus or minus one yard. It doesn’t need any apps and can be used everywhere.

Laser golf rangefinders are quite expensive and do not give precise measurements if you are “shaky.”They also hinder your actual growth of playing the game because you become more reliant on the device. The device doesn’t measure yardages if you are out of sight or when there are trees or bushes in the background. Laser golf rangefinders can be difficult to use in foggy or rainy conditions.

Final Thoughts
The bottom line is it all depends on your personal preference and skills because both the devices have their pros and cons. However, whichever device you choose, it is sure to improve your game. Don’t forget to check outG2 hybrid golf GPS watch with slope.

To get the best quality golf accessories, make sure you buy your products from a reputable store only.