How Google Alerts Help in SEO Link Building Activities

Link Building

In simple terms, link building is a process in which a website acquires hyperlinks from other websites for their own website. Getting other websites to link back to yours is a tactic used in search engine optimization for making your business more popular on search engines like Google.

If many websites carry hyperlinks to a website, it gives Google an indication that it has quality content and is a worthy source of information. Link building is an extremely difficult aspect of SEO, as getting other websites to put links of your website on their pages is tough. It is recommended to hire an expert SEO agency to help you with link building purposes.

Traditional Ways to Build Links

Link building online is very much like relationship building in the business community. This means that websites need to build a strong relationship with other websites and businesses online. After this relationship is established, another website owner may help you out and put up your website hyperlink on their website.

This can include following other websites on social media, commenting positively on their posts, writing emails to them, and also pitching the benefits of putting your website’s hyperlinks on their sites. Another way to do this is to build links for the website online through Google Alerts simply.

Google Alerts for Link Building

One of the easiest tools available online for link building is Google Alerts. It gives you information about other websites that can carry your links which can then help in the overall process of link building for SEO.

Link builders set up Google Alerts for different keywords and topics related to their business, products, and services. They then get lists of websites mentioning these said products, services, or even names of other websites that mention the name of your company or brand on their websites.

Get Links on These Websites

Link builders can then contact these sites to carry hyperlinks for their websites. This makes the website more popular with Google and improves the rank of the website. Link builders have to make Google Alerts for link building an easy, efficient process, and the following are some of the details about how this marketing tool is used for SEO purposes. There are also “Fresh Mentions” opportunities, and when link builders contact these sites, they rarely have to pitch or explain their brand, products or services to these site owners.

Creating Google Alerts

The first step is to simply create different Google Alerts for all the information related to your business, brand, products, and services. Google Alerts is a tool on Google where people can get alerts on their email about different words searched online. This means that alerts can be made for different words related to your websites.

This includes the brand name of the business, products and services, latest news, keywords related to the brand, and also words and names related to the celebrities who have endorsed the brand.

Next Step – Creating Filters

Inbox in the emails is likely to get overcrowded with Google Alerts of the alerts mentioned above for link building. It becomes very time-consuming for link builders to get rid of duplicate information about the same websites and get targeted information on websites that may carry the hyperlinks for the business.

Link builders can create filters to get information more specific information that can help link builders online. These filters include the number of times a day Google should send alerts, the filters about the type of sources, and the filter for filtering the regional and language preference for the alerts. This will give more accurate information to link builders for SEO link building purposes.

The Benefits ofQuotation Marks

Getting alerts about different words, keywords, brand names, products, services, and even celebrity names associated with the business helps link builders to create hyperlinks on different sites. But it is important to put these words together in quotation marks for accurate results.

For example, if Google Alerts are created for two words, the results will be shown ofsites that use those two wordsseparately and not together. If those two words are put in quotation marks, the results in Google Alerts will show sites which use the two words together. This will give more accurate results to link builders about sites that may be willing to put links of the website,and the link builders are trying to promote through SEO link building.

Google Alerts for Rivals

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on the competition and rivals online. Creating Google alerts for words associated with rival products gives link builders information about sites carrying rival hyperlinks which can be approached to get the site owners to also carry your hyperlinks on their websites.

Google Alerts is an extremely useful tool for SEO and link building purpose, and it is widely used as an SEO tool online.