How good commercial solicitors in Bristol help win cases

Clients want to know that their solicitor will either help them resolve a problem or avoid it altogether by using their commercial knowledge. This is even more the case when it comes to a commercial solicitor. This is key as they will after all be working for you in a B2B based manner and will be taking care of some very key affairs for you. They will be working for you in a very distinct way too.

Commercial and corporate lawyers earn the most out of all the different types of solicitors as they work closely with banks and other financial institutions as well as businesses too. Good commercial solicitors in Bristol should be able to assist with any case.

Coming to a good and clear resolution in a dispute

When a client initially comes to the solicitor for advice, it is the solicitor’s job to evaluate the claim and advise the client on the next steps that should be taken. To do this, the solicitor must read through all the relevant documentation received from the client and formulate an opinion on the client’s prospects of success. The solicitor might advise the client that their claim is not particularly strong and therefore they should try and settle it as soon as possible. Alternatively, the solicitor might advise the client that a claim that has been issued against them. They may point out that it is weak and that they have a good defence.

In detail

The solicitor will attend conferences with Counsel and the client to discuss the case and preparations for trial. At the trial, the solicitor has a dual role. They are there to assist the barrister if they have any queries about the case. Or if they need instructions. They are also there also to ensure that the client understands what is happening around them. This is as court can be quite terrifying for lay people.

Good communication skills are very much key here

Solicitors need to be succinct and coherent in both written and oral communication. They must be able to communicate with the court, clients, barristers and their opposing number. Court is generally the last resort and there will have been at least some pre-issue correspondence between the opposing parties. The ability to be persuasive when communicating is another extremely relevant skill. This is as this could help your client settle a claim.

Having an interest in the world of business and finance is a prerequisite for this area of law. The solicitor needs to know their client and their client’s business in order to give sound commercial advice. Litigation clients are generally busy people and organisations and they don’t want to read letters that are three pages long and refer to statutes and case law. Clients want to know that their solicitor will either help them resolve a problem. Or to avoid it altogether by using their commercial knowledge.


If you run a business there will come a time when you need the assistance of a solicitor; you may have bad debts that need recovering, you may be in dispute with a supplier or customer, or you may even be in dispute with your business partners. There are no end of ways as to how and when you may need to call on a commercial solicitor. When it comes to it, this is why and how they are so key to any growing business.