How Fiber Optics Improves Your Business Security System

Every company wants to protect its assets properly. Whether it’s about protecting property, equipment, or networks, every business tends to spend a lot of funds on various security systems. Fortunately, modern technology always seems to provide a way to help businesses out in such matters. 

The new age of fast Internet speed enabled by fiber optics technology is more than just a way to speed things up. It’s also a way to improve business security systems so that every company can adequately protect their assets. 

Due to the fact that all kinds of breaches and thefts are becoming more common, companies do, in fact, need a reliable solution that can help sort out any lingering issues. With that in mind, here are a few ways fiber optics can improve your business security system.

Taking the surveillance system to a new level

Fiber optics technology provides very high bandwidth. When it comes to surveillance systems, this means more CCTV coverage and seamless remote monitoring of company premises. Moreover, you can easily monitor any business activity in real-time and have a 24/7 view of both indoor and outdoor areas of your company’s building. 

Fast internet speed also means support for additional devices. In other words, you can have cameras installed wherever you deem necessary and you won’t be limited to a specific number of devices before the business surveillance system becomes unreliable. 

The main reason so many companies rely on CCTV is to prevent employee thefts above else. These thefts can cost companies around $50 billion annually. That’s why it’s important to take the surveillance system to the next level by using fiber optics.

High-quality video

One of the main advantages when it comes to using fiber optics to enhance business security systems is HD video streaming. As mentioned before, thanks to fiber optics, you can support additional devices but you can also use sophisticated systems that provide high-quality video streaming. 

That way the images and videos have the best quality and resolution. In other words, nothing will get past your business surveillance system. Even if you don’t have enough details for facial recognition, the video image quality is still sufficient to help the police identify culprits via biometric scans. Furthermore, with the support from fiber optics, your cameras can provide HD video even in total darkness. 

You can even ensure maximum cable distancing with optic fiber technology as it’s much more sophisticated than its predecessor the coaxial cable. That said, the maximum cable distance using coaxial cabling was 1000 feet or 300 meters, whereas fiber optics have unlimited cable length without sacrificing efficiency.

Data breach prevention

Fiber optics is excellent for improving business security systems but its potential doesn’t end there. As a matter of fact, this technology can also help prevent data breaches and cyber thefts. Before optic fiber technology that uses silica, cables were designed based on copper wiring. These cables would emit electrical and magnetic signals. A hacker with enough skill could use these signals to engage in so-called spoofing that will allow them to listen in and eventually find a way to breach a company’s network. 

Fiber optics do not emit such signals, which prevents any spoofing attempts. However, fiber optic cables can still be tapped into physically but that would require a brute force cutting of the wires, which results in brief signal loss. 

These signal losses can, fortunately, be detected on time and dealt with before a data breach can occur. But, before you can rest assured, you have to implement proper fiber optic equipment like the fiber optics in Jordan, for instance. A reliable provider can supply your business with whatever you need to properly install fiber optic Internet at your company’s premises. 

Seamless cloud integration

Another way fiber optics helps with security is by allowing a seamless cloud integration of business data. With high bandwidth speed and large, as well as, uninterrupted data transfers, companies can use cloud services more seamlessly and efficiently. 

Any relevant business data and any kind of sensitive information can safely be stored in the cloud. This eliminates the need for high costs of on-premise hardware and maintenance costs required to keep data stored safely within the company itself. 

Moreover, data backups in the cloud are automatically available and thanks to fiber optics, you can restore any data loss due to a breach, theft or a natural disaster within minutes instead of hours or days it would take with slower Internet speed. 

In other words, your company can resume operations quicker if you rely on fiber optics than the other way around. This is crucial for companies, especially because the market environment is highly competitive and businesses simply cannot afford prolonged downtimes due to any reason or cause. 

Fiber optics technology has revolutionized Internet speed and business operations alongside it. Security systems are much more reliable and efficient now than ever before. Whether you’re concerned about physical or cyber threats, fiber optics Internet has your back.