How Farmers Are Getting Closer To Consumers In The Pandemic

Ever since covid19 has come, it’s impact of pandemic has been visible all around the world.

People’s are maintaining the social distance to reduce spreading of the covid19 virus. 

While maintaining social distance the food crisis has been seen all around the world. 

Food crisis is mostly seen in the small village, in the people, whose life is completely depend on the agriculture.

Food chain is broken and world wide trade has stopped due to lockdown.

farmers who were grown the crops in their farming field are not getting the laborers to collect the fruits

ang vegetables from those cultivated old crops. 

Tansportation of goods from one place to another  has stopped due to limitations and restrictions in the country or a state.

Labours are required for packing, processing or the harvesting of crops, farmers want to harvest he crops but there are no any machine nor any laborer available due to the risk of covid19 ,

Those who are the farmers of large scale, if they have grown any grains like oil seeds in their farm and are not  getting the laborers, then their oil seed will be wasted. 

Some large scale  dairy farmers are dumping their milk due to closure of the restaurants or some large scale dairy farmers are selling their dairy milk through the middle man. 

Economical burden has came on the country

due to closure of the job and to overcome such crisis the farmers themselves are supplying the goods directly to the consumers, 

And government are also working on this, Implementing the schemes to reduce this shortage.

  •  Recently in UK, NFU president Tom Bradshaw have launched the “Pick for Britain” scheme in London.

The NFU say’s upto 80,000 seasonal¬† fruit and vegetable pickers are required for this campaign which is providing the vacancies for the people who do not have the job due to the closure of the job or to the students whose colleges are close due to lockdown.¬†

  • Government of Germany has launched a website called “The Land Helps”. This website links farmers with the millions of people who are searching for the job in this crisis of the money and food situation.
  • Due to lack of production the shops are empty, leading to be food crisis.
  •  Farmers are getting less Fertilizers, pesticide and animal feeds due to less availability of the Product in market, the Prices of the product are also increasing. 
  • Many farmers are  working without

Any essential benefits.

  •  The United States  Department of Agriculture(USDA) on April 17 (2020) said that they will take several actions to assist farmers and consumer in response to covid19 during this national crisis. ,

The trump and USDA will stand with farmers. 

USDA Announced the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) includes 16 billion dollars of  support to the farmers and ranchers. 

  • Due to poverty and hunger the formers are

taking risk by selling their product directly in the markets, products like water melons, vegetables, fruits and grains. In such crisis situation, the people are maintaining the social distance. 

This way the farmers are getting closer to the consumers through a direct selling of the product or by selling the product through a government scheme.