How Far is Nexton from the Beach?

Nexton apartments are located in the city of Blastier, which is about 30 – 40 minutes away from the sea and beaches. Since there’s no beach near the apartment buildings, it may be hard for you to have a walk on the beach like what most people do when they visit their vacation spots. If you are looking for Nexton homes for sale, kindly read the article in detail before going to buy a home.

How Close is Nexton to the Beach?

Nexton is located in the heart of Cebu City. It’s just one kilometer away from the beach and a five-minute drive from the airport.

The property has an impressive view of the sunset, with a clear view of the sea and sky. It also offers you an unobstructed view of Mount Banahaw and its famous twin peaks, which are visible from all over Cebu City.

If you love nature and want to see more of this beautiful island, then you should consider booking your stay at Nexton Beach Resort.

Are Nexton Kids Friendly?

Nexton is an amazing place to stay. It has been designed with kids in mind, with lots of activities and entertainment for them. The resort has a large swimming pool area, with slides and waterslides, as well as a kiddy’s pool for smaller children. There are also plenty of activities for kids to do indoors – a big TV room, games room and even a mini-golf course! The kids in Nexton are very friendly.

Nexton is located just three minutes from the beachfront, so you can go for a swim after your kids have had their fun in the pool or on the sand. Nexton is also located within easy reach of several supermarkets and shopping malls so that you can stock up on food and other supplies before heading off on your next holiday adventure.

What is Nexton at Summerville?

Nexton at Summerville is a community located in Summerville, SC. It is a gated community, which makes it feel more like a resort than your average apartment complex. The homes here are beautifully landscaped and have common elements such as pools, fountains and playgrounds.

The apartments here range from studios to two-bedroom units and rent ranges from $1100 to $1200 per month, depending on the size of the apartment.

There are many amenities available at Nexton at Summerville that make it an excellent choice for students who want to live close to campus or those who travel often for work.