How Exterior Cleaning Enhances The Appeal Of Your Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, first impressions mean a lot, so it is important that the outside of any real estate is kept in the best possible condition. Investing in professional cleaning is likely to pay dividends in the future. 


Whilst it may be tempting to just use a pressure washer, it is best to hire a professional to prevent any damage and to get the job done properly. Here are four of the biggest reasons to have the exterior of your real estate properly cleaned! 


Makes A Great First Impression

Whether you own offices, rental properties, a shop or an industrial building, having it properly cleaned will make the building look great and it will also show that you are professional. If a potential client turned up for a meeting to find a poorly presented building, that could be enough to encourage them to go elsewhere. Investing a small amount in having the properly cleaned professionally could result in significant returns thanks to the great first impression. 


Reduced Maintenance

If you leave bird excrement, mould and dirt to build up on your building, then it can actually cause quite significant damage in the long run. Not only is it a health hazard but it could result in irreversible structural damage if not properly dealt with. Having your building professionally cleaned once or twice a year will help to remove any potentially damaging algae or dirt that could cause mold. 


If you have an issue with bird excrement, it might be worth also investing in a professional in pigeon guano removal as this is another significant health hazard and can actually cause structural problems if it is not attended to. 


Increased Value

If you’re considering selling your real estate or looking for potential tenants, then you should definitely have it professionally cleaned. Not only will the building look much better but it is also likely to increase the value. This will show that you have cared for the building and looked after it well, especially if you have a record of it being done regularly. 


Better Hygiene

Not only can algae cause structural damage, but it is also highly likely that it indicates there will be mold growing inside the building. This is a major issue from a health and safety point of view as mold can produce allergens, irritants and even toxic substances which can be damaging to the lungs. 


If you do have any mould in the building, you must have it treated immediately. Moving forwards, ensuring the exterior of the building is regularly cleaned will help to minimise the possibility of it coming back. 


Which areas need to be professionally cleaned?

When it comes to hiring a professional cleaning company, here are a few of the main areas that you should get cleaned:


  • Footpaths and stairs that lead to entrances to the building
  • All windows and doors
  • The roof (this is particularly important to prevent damage from algae buildup)
  • Parking areas
  • All exterior signage
  • The exterior walls if they have any damage from pollution, algae, dirt and pollen. 


Final Thoughts

Investing in professional exterior cleaning services has the potential to do wonders for your business. It can make a great first impression, reduce maintenance, result in better hygiene and also increase the value. 


Although you want the building to be aesthetically pleasing, the number one reason why you need to have your building cleaned is to prevent any structural damage. You wouldn’t believe the trouble people have had as a result of untreated algae, so put a reminder in your calendar twice a year to book in for a professional clean!