How Expensive Is It To Maintain A Luxury Car?

Car maintenance has gotten really expensive and this trend is even more obvious when you have to maintain a luxury car. The prices will likely stay the same or go even higher in the upcoming years so here is everything that goes into the maintenance costs of luxury cars.

Replacing car parts

What constitutes a luxury car might be up for debate, but besides the regular checkups, you should add the possibility that you will need to replace some parts of your luxury car over time. Since car parts have become extremely expensive, a lot more people are now turning to used car parts to make those replacements without breaking the bank. Sometimes new car parts can be so expensive or hard to come by that resorting to the used parts is the only rational choice. Luckily these days accessing used car parts is a lot simpler since you can purchase used luxury car parts online.

Regular Maintenance

All cars need an oil change, and luxury cars are no exception. Usually, you will need to do an oil change 2-3 times a year. The price for an oil change is not that different for luxury cars and regular cars, It could cost you around $300 a year which is reasonable.

Arguably, doing the regular maintenance during the first couple of years is similar to the costs that come with any regular car. But when the car starts getting older, its maintenance might also start to get more expensive. You may need to start replacing some parts, you may want to upgrade others and these procedures are usually way more expensive than for regular cars. 

They may also be harder to come by and may require a lot more work to actually locate and install.

Finding the right professional

Luxury car repairs can not be done just by any professional. You have to find a specialist that works with luxury cars and their rates are going to be a lot higher than the regular repair shops. 

This is why it’s important to keep these costs in mind when deciding to purchase a luxury car. Its maintenance is also going to have a luxury price point. Luckily, you can avoid at least some of those costs by purchasing second-hand car parts. You could also save money by looking up professionals that have more reasonable wages, but this will largely depend on your location.


Maintaining a luxury car can cost you a couple of thousand dollars every year, so be prepared for extra expenses. There is no set cost for maintaining a luxury car since many of them have such different price points. 

But if you think that the extravagant costs end when you purchase the luxury car, sadly that is not the reality. Maintaining the car can quickly get just as expensive since their repairs are so pricey. But you can definitely save some money by using the topics mentioned in the article.