How electrifying your fleet in 2021 can propel your business

Electrifying your fleet in 2021 will future-proof your business and is a strategic move for bus depots, delivery vans, car rental, and taxi companies to name just a few. With Government policies being put in place which focus on reducing the use of internal combustion vehicles, now is the time to act before it’s too late.

In this article, we’ve compiled our top 5 reasons why you need to consider electrifying your fleet in 2021. 

  1. Reduce your fuel costs

Fuel is one of the largest operating costs for a fleet and the implementation of an electric fleet immediately cuts this cost. 

Electric vehicle efficiency is measured in kilowatt-hours per km rather than the traditional liters of fuel per km. The cost of EV fleet charging will therefore depend on utility rates but is significantly lower than the fuel costs otherwise incurred.

Switching to an electric vehicle fleet leads to a drastic reduction in cost per kilometer making electric fleets an attractive option for businesses in 2021. 

  1. Reduced fleet maintenance

Electric vehicles use just three fluids – coolant, windscreen washer fluid, and brake fluid. Oil changes will be a thing of the past with an electric fleet. Maintenance is not only time consuming but another operating expense for your fleet. These savings can be large depending on the size of your fleet. 

The argument could be made that there is a potential need to replace the battery pack in electric vehicles. However, electric vehicle warranties on battery packs are excellent and cover you likely to the point you will be considering for a newer model or purchasing a battery replacement. 

  1. Less trips to the petrol station

All those trips to the petrol pumps result in reduced productivity. When you consider the amount of time spent by all your drivers and/or operators refueling this loss of time could be having a serious impact on your operation.

The use of overnight charging or charging when your drivers are not on the clock to maintain the vehicle’s full range makes efficient use of time and allows your staff to be productive.

  1. Corporate sustainability

Electric vehicles emit none of the well-known environment-damaging gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or nitrogen oxides. This means that electrifying your fleet will help contribute to reducing your impact on the environment and help to improve air quality in urban environments. 

We’re all becoming conscious of being more sustainable and what better way than by reducing your emissions? Not only will your customers and clients be impressed but you’ll be making a real difference.

  1. Employee retention

High employee satisfaction leads to greater employee retention. Drivers of electric vehicles, particularly in the transport and haulage industries, appreciate the quieter and smoother ride offered by these vehicles. The elimination of exhaust fumes, greater productivity due to reduced fuel stops, and the opportunity to be a part of a sustainable and cutting-edge movement also help to increase employee satisfaction. Greater employee retention means reduced hiring and training stresses and costs for you and a happier workforce with less disruption. 

Electrify your fleet with TSG Charge

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