How Ekata Rajmohan Mishra is Bringing Optimization to the IT Business

Ekata Rajmohan Mishra is a highly sought after Solution Architect specializing in lead to cash domain (primarily CPQ) based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She maintains over a decade of experience as a CPQ Architect with an excellent reputation of helping clients revamp and streamline their sales processes by implementing CRM and Billing with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. She is highly skilled in solutioning and designing multi channel Lead-to Cash systems. 

As a Solution Architect, Ekata has been integral to leading multiple small-to large-scale implementations involving complex integrations with CPQ, CRM, ERP, etc. Her experience of over a decade spans diverse industries like healthcare, mobility, security, hi-tech etc. and has worked in key and impactful roles as a solution architect and lead. Ekata has an MBA from Gies Business School (University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign) specializing in Business Analytics and Strategic Management & Leadership as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.

She is noted as an excellent leader with great communication skills, as well as tons of enthusiasm, energy and passion. Ekata sets a very high standard for herself, making her a valuable asset to any team that she is a part of. She makes sure to build a great deal of trust with her teams and never lets others feel that she is not readily available to help them. 

Throughout the next journey of her life, Ekata is looking to target companies focusing on revamping their sales processes to reduce the turnaround time in their lead to cash processes. Currently, she is a solution architect with a company called Accenture, working in both functional as well as technical roles, advising clients to pick the appropriate CPQ to match their business needs as well as playing a critical role as an end to end architect during implementation & delivery. Ekata Mishra boasts an excellent reputation for resolving problems, improving customer satisfaction across diverse businesses, and driving overall end-to end implementations. She is a well known and reputable woman in the IT industry, seen as a leading and critical individual in the market.

Ekata notes that, “Today every business with customers at its focal point wants to offer customized products and services that align with the client’s expectations. One size fits all is no longer true with customers becoming the center of sales. As such, ensuring that the desired product is offered to the customer at the best price is the key to closing the deal. And there comes CPQ applications, wherein you can configure, price and quote in a matter of minutes.”

Her work within this landscape hopes to be a step forward for companies with a customer service and retention focus.  As a creative thinker who possesses a can-do attitude, Ekata is optimistic about her future in the IT Industry. Ekata is a professional  with an outstanding caliber to possess both functional and technical skills in architecting future state solutions in the most niche technologies. She has proven that she is an asset to any team of which she is a member.

To learn more about Ekata Rajmohan Mishra and the ways in which she can improve the IT Industry, visit her LinkedIn.