How Dylan Vanas Has Created the Tinder of Apartment Hunting

If you’ve ever used Tinder, you know that it is a quick and easy way to find dates in your area. With a simple UI and matching algorithm, Tinder allows you to “swipe right” on people that you like and match up with people who like you back. You can also adjust your parameters to find someone who meets certain qualifications in your area. Thanks to Dylan Vanas and the revolutionary platform, you now have access to “the Tinder of Apartment Hunting,” too.


Dylan Vanas’s Vision for Apartment Hunting


When Dylan Vanas set out to create RentUp, he wanted to develop a platform that brought apartments and other multi-family properties directly to potential investors. With a user-friendly interface, gives you the power to find apartments for rent or apartments for sale in your area. In short, when you need an apartment finder, RentUp offers all of the features you need.


Additionally, Dylan Vanas wanted RentUp to be more than just an apartment listing for cheap rentals. Instead, he wanted to create an all-in-one platform for real estate investors. gives users the ability to shop for apartments, connect with potential leads, and market property to renters and buyers.


Why RentUp is the Tinder of Apartment Hunting


While all of these features sound great, you may not understand how Dylan Vanas has developed the Tinder of apartment hunting. may look a little different than Tinder, but it works in a similar way. Much like Tinder, you can have a free account to view apartment listings in your area. You can also customize your search with various settings and parameters.


However, just like Tinder, you’ll need a subscription to get the full power of the platform. With one of RentUp’s affordable packages, you can gain access to a wide array of features, including a more comprehensive apartment guide. This makes the apartment hunting process even easier.


If you’re a real estate investor who wants to find renters or market your property, offers all of the features you need in one simple platform. You can get ads for hundreds of units, up-to-date analytics on your marketing campaign, networking options with renters, greater visibility in apartment listings, and integration with your own website. And that’s just the beginning.


Dylan Vanas had this to say about RentUp’s potential to shake up apartment hunting going forward:


“It’s not just about creating a new platform to list apartments. It’s about creating an easy-to-use platform that connects property owners with interested renters and buyers. No more will you have to look for ‘apartments near me’ or ‘renters near me’ and go through thousands of search results. RentUp takes apartment hunting and apartment marketing to the next level by bringing buyers, sellers, and renters to the same place.” – Dylan Vanas


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