How Dog Day-careCan Help your Dog Cope with Separation Anxiety!

Are you noticing unwanted behaviours from your pup once you leave your home for work? Your dog may be probably facing separation anxiety which may cause it to behave unwantedly. If you can read your dog’s signals, then you can help them not only cope with the issue but get back having the fun it ever used to!

Like humans, dogs too experience separation anxiety and have panic attacks. It’s true; they can, and the sad fact is that separation anxiety is one of the main reasons that can end dogs from being left and abandoned in shelters. Separation Anxiety is a behavioural problem in dogs that can manifest itself through a variety of behavioural signs such as:

  • Urinating and defecating inside the house
  • Howling and Barking
  • Chewing, destruction and digging
  • Escaping from the kennel or yard
  • Pacing
  • Coprophagia-eating their excrement

Dogg day-care Los Angeles can be a fantastic way to help your dog to get through separation anxiety. Before getting into the day-care, many dogs have suffered from separation anxiety once in a week, and dog day-care just helped them feel better. Here is more about how dog day-care can help your dog feel better and cope better with separation anxiety.

What Causes Separation Anxiety?

There are a few reasons your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. Ultimately, it is the fear of isolation and not understanding a routine change that puts them under a psychological trauma. When a dog changes family member, residence, or a change in the household like moving out of the home or passing away, all such conditions can come as a shock for your dog.

Sometimes, dogs may experience this mildly after returning from a vacation where they spent every day with you or when the kids go back to school in the fall after spending a long time together. If your dog too, experiences separation anxiety when you leave for work, it’s because he’s upset and worried about you not being there. 

How Doggie Daycare Helps with Separation Anxiety

Dog day-care can help many dogs with their separation anxiety. Being in the dog day-care, your dog is busy enjoying exercise, social time, and more importantly, a routine they can count on. Your dog doesn’t need to feel anxious about you being away as he too is busy having fun and you don’t need to worry about his destructive behaviour around the house while you’re away for the work.


Your dog gets to have regular exercise while he’s at dog day-care. The right amount of exercise for any dog can lead to a healthy weight, better joints, and improved overall wellness. Though he won’t mind a walk with you even after work, but he has already had a pretty time and plenty of exercises during the day.


Typically, dogs are social animals who like to run around with a pack! Your dog has already had a pack of pals at dog day-care that he’ll be excited to see every day. When he gets dropped off in the morning, he has a place to socialize and have his meetup with friends.

Safe Routine

The staff at the dog day-care will be supervising all the dogs and ensure that all the dogs are staying safe during their stay and play time and can step in whenever needed. At a dog day-care, you can even keep an eye on your pooch through a live camera feed.

Dog Day-cares have come up as an excellent option for dogs coping with separation anxiety and dog parents who want the best for their pet children!