How does WordPress Fuel Most of the Websites on Internet?

Wordpress Developers

WordPress is a powerful and robust Content Management System (CMS) that is most widely used for different purposes – be it personal blogging, developing websites, or creating professional portfolios. On top of that, WordPress does not restrict its use to this. It offers different plugins to promote online businesses. WooCommerce is one such plugin which is a complete packet of setting up an online store. Many WordPress Developers work ceaselessly to build and manage different websites for different companies and businesses.

You might be wondering what is it that makes WordPress a Developer Choice?

Well, you would not be surprised anymore when you will study WordPress thoroughly. WordPress offers a wide range of plugins and themes that you can adjust the way you want or the way your Brand Website or E-Commerce store requires. It includes security plugins, cache plugins, and many others.

There are specific reasons that can get you off the fence, and you can finally decide if WordPress is the CMS for your Company’s website. So, hire WordPress developer who can guide you on the benefits of WordPress Web development.

Open Source and Free Content Management System:

The fact that an open-source site renders WordPress customizable and manageable and makes it a choice for most of the Web Developers all over the world. Moreover, WordPress does not charge you a penny for its CMS services, even if you drive more traffic than you thought you would drive. Hence, it is both a management-effective and a cost-effective solution.

No Setup or Configuration Requirement:

WordPress Web Developers are very committed to working websites on it – as it requires no lengthy and troublesome configurations. It’s ready to use the platform, which only requires an installation to get working. Hence, it gives quick and predictable results.

WordPress Websites have Better Ranking:

It is not a fallacy that WordPress websites rank better in search engine results such as Google or Bing. The reason behind this lies in the fact that WordPress is firmly SEO friendly. The Search Engines’ crawlers find it easy to get along with the CMS framework.

WordPress Adaptability:

Adaptability is something we all crave for. Changes and modifications are requirements of the time, and we all need it to draw something different and more prominent out of our online presence. WordPress offers extensions and plugins that significantly enhances WordPress adaptability.

No Security glitches:

WordPress is extraordinarily secure and safe to use. This is one reason why a Web Developer would persist on using WordPress as your websites’ CMS. Different WordPress plugins enable you to keep your website data safe. However, users should make sure that they use plugins from trusted sources only.


Most of the WordPress themes are automatically responsive for mobile, tablets, and smartphones. Hence, google recognizes such websites and automatically brings them to a higher ranking.

Third-Party Integrations:

WordPress integrates different Third-party plugins and extensions. It makes your website look more appealing and modern. There are other extensions and plugins that allow you to send emails, newsletters, and accept payments from credit cards.

E-Commerce Solutions:

WooCommerce is an online E-store powered by WordPress. You can build your new store or convert an existing website into an online store using the WooCommerce plugin.

Multiple Users Access:

WordPress understands that it is not easy to run a business website all by one person. Therefore, it introduces a plugin under the name “WordPress Codex” that distributes different roles to different people, such as:

· Super Admin who has complete website access.

· Administrators who have access to administrative features only.

· The editor has the responsibility to publish posts and approve or remove posts of other users.

· Author – who can manage his posts by himself.

· Contributor responsible for managing and writing its post but rely on the administrator for approval.

· Subscribers can view and edit profile.

Qualitative vs Quantitative

Immediate Content Publishing:

Among the other Content Management Systems – WordPress is the most user-friendly that allows the content to be published immediately. Moreover, you can publish your content even from your mobile or tablet if you have installed WordPress.

Include Testimonials:

Testimonials are essential to increase the worth and recognition of your brand or website. WordPress offers different widgets and plugins that include reviews about your product or service. This helps in improving customer’s trust in your company.

WordPress DashBoard:

WordPress dashboard helps adding daily stats, listing new posts, adding recent comments, and news updates. It makes your website more organized and smooth-sailing.

WordPress keeps Evolving:

All thanks to WordPress developers who continuously work on keeping it updated to the latest technology trends. It keeps adding new features, plugins, and extensions, etc.

Although WordPress is an easy to use and User-friendly Content Management System, you cannot handle it all on your own. It would be best to have proper guidance from an expert who can let you know about the minor tweaks and twists of developing a website. Hire a WordPress Developer today from Two Runs Web Development Company and get the advice that you need to grow your online presence or E-business.

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