How does thermal mass flow meter work?

There are various types of mass flow meters that are commonly used in various industries for measuring the flow of different substances. These measurements are significant and play a vital role in the manufacturing or other related processes. Amongst the different types of flow meters, the thermal mass flow meter is widely used in industries and it plays a key role. Let us dive a bit deeper in the functioning of the thermal mass flow meter.

The thermal mass flow meter uses the principle of thermal dispension where the rate of heat which is absorbed by fluid in a duct or pipe is directly proportional to the mass flow. In the typical thermal mass flow meter, the gas that flows across the heat absorbs heat and provides cooling to the source. With the increase in the flow, more heat gets absorbed by gas, and the volume of heat dissipated from heat source is proportional to the flow of gas mass and the thermal properties. This is why heat transfer measurement supplies data that is used to calculate mass flow rate.

The thermal mass flow meter is primarily used to accurately monitor as well as measure the flow of mass in clean gases, and it is a parameter which is not dependent on temperature. This is why thermal mass flow meter doesn’t need correction when there are changes in temperature, viscosity, density, and pressure.

Application of thermal mass flow meter

 Thermal mass flow meter manufactured and sold by Silver Instruments is mostly used for the measurement of gas flow application. As the name implies, the meters use heat to measure flow, and they introduce heat into a flowing stream and measure how much heat dissipates using one or more temperature sensors. Silver automation instruments supply many different types of thermal mass flow meter like inline or insertion. It is very advantageous for both gas as well as air flow and is suitable for multiple forms like from mall pipelines to large pipelines, to stacks and ducts.

This product from has another important feature and it is that it can take measurement of various different types of gas like LPG ,compressed air, CO2, biogas, natural gas, O2, BF gas (Blast furnace gas),combustion air, industries air, flare gas, He gas, Nitrogen gas and so on. There are also thermal mass meters with diverse flows available applied to various industrial gas applications such as micro flow rate thermal mass flow meter, high temperature type, in-line type thermal flow sensor, and insertion probe thermal mass flow meter.

Silver Automation Instruments is one of the largest manufacturers of a wide range of flow meters including thermal mass flow meter and other industrial processing equipments. The company is known for its reliable standard of products and highly transparent service to the customers.