How does the tattoo numbing product work?

What is numbing?

Introducing The Solution Foam: the newest and best tattoo-numbing and inflammation foam on the market! Developed by medical professionals, The Solution Foam is an easy-to-use, non-toxic foam made with natural preservatives that delivers 5% Lidocaine for pain and .01% epinephrine for inflammation and redness. It’s FDA Registered (NDC: 82617-101-14) and Health Canada Approved (DIN: 02530422) so you know it’s safe to use!

The Solution Foam is a revolutionary product developed to reduce the pain of getting a tattoo. Effective numbing agent Lidocaine (5%) helps reduce the sharp feeling associated with needle penetration while also reducing swelling and inflammation. .01% Epinephrine helps to constrict blood vessels which reduces swelling so tattoo artists can show off their work better. This combination of ingredients makes getting a tattoo less painful, with much longer-lasting results.

This product can be used pre-, during-, and post-tattooing as well, making it even more useful for the experienced tattoo artist or enthusiast. The pre-tattoo application helps reduce overall discomfort that can occur during a tattoo session, while during/post-tattoo application helps minimise irritation such as itching or stinging from newly inked skin. With its easy-to-apply Foam formula, The Solution Foam ensures a fast absorption and thus makes your job easier as a professional tattoo artist!

The Solution Foam is now available at an affordable price of $45 – making it extremely cost-effective compared to other traditional numbing creams and sprays. Its innovative design allows for quick application without having to wait long periods of time for desired results. This kind of convenience provides great value when dealing with tattoos – meaning you can get back to what matters faster! Best of all because The Solution has a DIN# it is available for artists to buy worldwide. We provide the best Tattoo Numbing Spray; visit our store and make an order.

So if you’re looking for a reliable way to reduce pain or irritation associated with tattoos, then look no further than The Solution Foam – the all new numbing foam that promises fast results, without sacrificing quality! Try it today and see how it can make all the difference in your next tattoo session!

Tattooing is one of the most popular physical changes, and for a good reason. They offer a unique, perhaps quite personal, appearance and feel. Making such a personal decision, however, carries the risk of pain. In this blog post, we’ll recommend the best tattoo-numbing solution on the market right now. We’ll go over all of its advantages over competing products and how using it can allow you to enjoy having a tattoo without being concerned about feeling uncomfortable.

It works well to numb the skin using creams and gels. This lowers the pain involved in getting a tattoo. Given the wide variety of products on the market, it is essential to choose one that is perfect for you. Some numbing creams contain benzocaine or lidocaine as their active components. However, these two drugs are also present in other formulations. Topical anaesthetics like benzocaine or lidocaine should be applied directly to the skin for the best effectiveness. They can also be used with other topical analgesics like ibuprofen to minimise tattoo discomfort.

How to Apply Numbing Spray

The numbing Spray is the only numbing tattoo solution you need to consider if you want something that works well and is secure. This tool delivers an ice blast to the tattooing area, instantly numbing the region. The spray also comes in a number of flavours, so you may choose the one that best matches your preferences.

Tattooing history

There are several solutions for numbing tattoos on the market right now. Most of them function by freezing the skin, which blocks pain perception. However, all products are not created equal; some could result in greater adverse effects than others. Four of the top tattoo-numbing products are listed below:

1. Novocain is a well-known anaesthetic used in various surgical procedures. It eliminates pain perception in the spinal cord and brain.

2. Lidocaine: Lidocaine is a local anaesthetic frequently used to numb regions before surgery or relieve pain during operations. It functions by stopping nerve impulses, which results in temporary paralysis.

3. Benzocaine: This over-the-counter ointment works to soothe skin irritations, including tattoo discomfort and sunburns. It functions by minimising inflammation and soothing the nervous system.

4. Hydrocodone: A narcotic medication, hydrocodone can be used to manage mild discomfort brought on by various medical problems, such as arthritis or dental treatments. It functions by restoring the proper balance of brain chemicals that regulate nerve activity.

How does the tattoo-numbing product work?

The area has to be numbed before a tattoo can be inked onto your skin permanently. The most common method is using a topical numbing lotion or ointment. The ointment or lotion will interact with the nerve endings in the skin to numb them.

After that, the tattoo will be placed where it will stay. You could experience discomfort at this point when the ink is pushed beneath the skin’s surface. Remember that this discomfort should subside quickly and not be too bothersome.

After getting the tattoo, you may unwind because the ink doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s time to start your aftercare regimen. You should keep the surface clean and dry to prevent any new ink from wiping off too rapidly. You should also apply an aftercare cream or lotion once or twice daily to keep the area moisturised and protected. While there won’t be any immediate discomfort from your new tattoo, it’s crucial to remember that it might fade sooner if you don’t take care of it.


Choosing the proper numbing product is always important, whether having a tiny or huge tattoo. Choosing the ideal product for you might take time because there are so many options on the market. We have examined some of the most well-liked tattoo-numbing items and determined which is ideal for each person. Hopefully, the information provided will assist you in selecting the right product.