How Does the Brand Hair Energy Symbolize Organic Self Care?

All men and women dream of having good and healthy skin. Well, good and healthy skin does not come with only eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. You need to add some efforts externally in order to make sure you are pampering your skin the way it needs to be pampered. Being a constantly breathing and growing organ, your skin needs a lot of help to look spectacular and glow naturally every day.

We researched different skincare products in Pakistan in order to see what are their outcomes and how satisfied are the customers with the results of the products. All in all, it turned out that having a somewhat desi household many men and women practiced Desi Totkas (Remedies) to heal their skins externally.

These methods were the inspiration behind various skincare brands which came into existence in the country. Though most of them are non-organic and chemical-based there is particularly one brand among the several organic skincare brands that caught our attention and that is Hair Energy by Ayesha Sohaib.

What Is Hair Energy About?

Hair Energy is a local Pakistani skin and haircare brand which comes with a promise of 100% Organic products. When they say 100% organic, this means that every product being sold is made from 100% natural products.

This further branch out to the fact that the ingredients used in the making of the products are natural plants that have not been grown using fertilizers and pesticides. In fact, they were grown naturally in a totally natural environment so that they will not harm the skin in any way.

What Is the Product Range the Company Offers?

Hair Energy is an extensive brand that has grown rapidly in its product range over a short period of time. Not only has it grown with its product range but it has also gained quite some fame on its social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) because of the fantabulous performance of its products.

Their hair and skincare range consists of facemasks, shampoos, hair food, hair oils, obtans, face washes, facial scrubs, foot candy, soaps which have a whole range of different types, perfumes, and sanitizers. These are just the basic categories. These categories are then further divided into products for different hair and skin types. They also have items like lash foods and serums which are being purchased by people in high numbers because they have magically proven their worth in a short period of time.

The Effectiveness and Longevity of The Products

People often jump to using Non-organic products because they promise quick results. If you want to switch to organic products and expect them to give you quick results then here’s the truth! Naturally made organic products always take time to show their results. But unlike the non-organic products; their results are long-lasting and double in effectiveness. By using natural products, you are making your skin healthier by the day which obviously requires time. But once you start using their products, you will feel a visible difference in a few days and will not regret using them!


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