How Does SEO Correlate Search Intent

Understanding of search intent is a ninja technique to sharpen up a content strategy. As an SEO specialist in a well-known SEO Melbourne firm, we come across clients with a concern about website ranking even after posting a phenomenal content with targeted keywords. Why so? What’s missing?

This is because the keywords and the search intent don’t relate to each other.

Here, we come up with different types of search intent and how to determine the best intent for the target keyword. But first, know some basics!

Introduction – Search intent

Search intent is the intention a user has while searching for anything in a search engine. There is lots of relevant information on the web and many times, users search for a specific type of answer. Let’s take food to understand this. Searching for a food restaurant has different search intent than searching for a food recipe. However, food is the same topic but search intents are different.

Importance of search intent in SEO

Google algorithm cares about search intent. Considering search intent into SEO strategy is a must for Google. When users hit a search query in Google and find irrelevant information, it sends a signal back to Google that the intent isn’t similar. As an example, if a user searches for “How to repair a leaky faucet” and the search engine shows “Different types of the faucet” then it indicates the intent doesn’t reflect the searcher’s intent.

Search intent types

There are lots of search terms but there are four primary search intents.

  • Informational
  • Commercial investigation
  • Transactional
  • Navigational

Knowledge of each search intent types is important to build an SEO strategy. Here we have tried to simplify these search intent types with examples.  

Search Intent Type




Searches that come under informational intent are for users that look for information in the form of “how-to”, “a recipe”, or a certain definition. This one is the most common search intent as users find answers to their long list of questions.

·        How to cook pasta

·        What is search engine optimization?

·        WordPress

Commercial investigation

Before consumers purchase any product, they use to do a proper commercial investigation. They investigate products, brands, and services to filter out the most preferable option for their use.

·        Top SEO company

·        Best advice for online purchase

·        CMS Vs framework


Transactional searchers reach on the search engine to buy something online. They are in purchase mode and at that time, they don’t look out for products, they find out the right place to purchase.

·        Buy leather bags

·        Discount offers on groceries

·        Makeup product sale


Navigational searchers are looking for navigating any specific website and it’s easy to search quickly on Google than typing the URL. These searches could be brand or website names that include information to help users find the right page.

·        SEO Beginner guide

·        Amazon login

·        Google Signup


Determine search intent

  • Keyword modifiers

Keyword modifiers play a key role in search intent. But knowing the term is not enough. It’s equally important to consider how to make keyword modifiers in use. With a range of keyword modifier tool, this could become simpler. The filter feature will help you track the keyword modifiers or phrases.

  • Research SERPs

The next important way to track the search intent is, researching the SERPs. Just enter the keyword you are planning to target in the search box and see what you end up with. It indicates what Google thinks of the keyword and enlists the most relevant results.

  • Consider SERP result

Search intent type of information is mostly used among all four that provide the basic information. It may include question answers, information about a specific topic, or featured snippets. The top-most result will remain organic results and it consists of Wikipedia or informative articles.

With sharp search intent ideas, the way to reach the SERP’s first page becomes easy. Contact any experienced SEO Company Melbourne for a better understanding of keyword research and search intent. I Hope, this guideline is helpful to you. Happy reading!


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