How Does Online Indian Grocery Shopping In The USA Benefit Better Than Conventional Shopping?

Have you had the experiences of buying groceries online? If yes, you might have experienced the comfort, but do you know that the online Indian groceries besides delivering the goods in no time have yet more benefits to enjoy? Yes, online grocery shopping is becoming a new and hot trend and it represents a brighter future. The wide internet access has made lives easier and it has started to strongly impact many areas of our life. Since people are making their shift towards contactless shopping and payments, it is quite clear that online grocery shopping is constantly evolving.

Online Indian Groceries – How is it a big market with massive growth?

We have to accept the fact that the prevailing pandemic situation has brought exponential changes in almost everyone’s life. Still we struggle to accept the changes and this has made us accommodate and adapt to new things. However, some changes are good enough to bring positive impacts in our lives. Of those changes, buying groceries online has a significant place.

Of course, it should be admitted that the pandemic has altered the way of buying products, especially it has pushed them to lessen the visits to traditional stores and think about buying online. This is greatly true for vegetables and groceries which are the essential items for every home in the USA.

There may be some times where people might not have even imagined that we will enter into a period where we can do grocery shopping with an easy browsing at home. The evolving world has changed everything and it is bringing innovative and convenient ways of buying.  And online Indian groceries are a greater part of this amazing change.

It has been estimated that Digital grocery sales in the US , which is $23.9 billion in 2018, is expected to reach $59.5 billion by 2023. Moreover, looking into the prediction of eMarketer, it indicates that online Indian groceries spending will exceed $100 billion this year as there was acceleration in the online grocery shopping after the pandemic period. Of course, now it has become a habit for almost every US consumer to buy groceries online.

The online shopping market has captured a significant part of the attention of customers. If we dig deep into what are the reasons behind this change, the possible causes are busy life schedules of modern consumers, the growth of urbanization; changing lifestyles that seek convenience and the thirst of tech savvy consumers will be on the list.

Today’s people are exploring the ways that could offer them personalized and hassle free shopping experiences on the convenient platforms. This has also influenced the shopping habit of grocery buyers and takes their interest towards buying online Indian groceries, rather than walking down on the streets to buy from traditional vendors.

In addition, the preference and the growth of buying groceries online are becoming more visible after the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the governments of all countries are insisting people to follow social distancing standards, shoppers find it quite a safe and convenient option to buy online Indian groceries.

With a promised growth in the upcoming years, how this online grocery shopping has made the lives of people so easier? Come let us see what the benefits you can gain from online stores.

Reasons Why Online Grocery Shopping Is Preferred By Most Of The Consumers:


Just imagine what the steps you have to take to buy groceries for your home from conventional stores. Prepare the list of things to be purchased, get dressed, drive to the store, find way for parking your vehicle, get the trolley, search for the racks that it contains the items you need, move from racks to racks, stand in the queue of the bill counter to pay for the items purchased, get the purchased items into your vehicle and drive back to your home. If it is peak traffic hours, no need to say, you will suffer a lot until you reach home. Very tiring and you will be exhausted.

But all these processes will get covered into a single step in online Indian groceries. With online grocery shopping, all you have to do is just make a list of items you need and sit with your smartphone/device and start shopping from the comfort of your place. No trolleys or no movements between the various racks. Just search for the items and move them into the cart. You can continue ordering at your night dresses and no need to step down the street to have the things purchased. No more fuss or worries to travel. Order, sit back and get delivered at your doorstep with virtual online Indian groceriesshops.

No closing hours or no restricted shopping hours

If you have ever experienced visiting a physical grocery store when it was almost the closing hours, you know how much of a hurry you should manage the shopping.  Furthermore, the workforce of the supermarket may urge you to make it quick as it is the closing hour.

But with online Indian groceries shopping, you never have the restricted hours of shopping or no closing times or no more holidays. It is always open for your shopping. You can order your essential items at any time of the day or night. What to be considered is delivering time prescribed or allotted by the stores. However, you are able to choose convenient slots based on your convenience.


Since the pandemic situation is still in existence, the safety of you and your family holds the top priority. If you can limit your exposure to the outdoors, it is better for your health. As online buying favors your and reduces the need to visit outside shops as much as possible, it is good to rely on online Indian groceries shopping to fulfill your essential household requirements. All the grocery items will be delivered at your doorstep and even most stores offer free shipping for their consumers.

While you receive the items delivered, ensure you have sanitized your hands, wear masks and maintain social distancing. You can even opt for contactless delivery which is offered by many stores. Also, the shops are also strictly adhering to the latest advisories from the government for safe and hygiene deliveries.

Improved pricing and better deals

Since there is fierce competition in the online grocery shopping arena, a lot of shops are trying to entice the customers with good deals, free shipping, discount programs and slashed prices. Moreover, the consumers are provided with loyalty programs and cash coupons which can be availed on purchasing for a particular amount.

You can make bigger savings with online Indian groceries, especially on weekend shopping and festive seasons. This lets you have good benefits over a real world grocery market. Moreover, you don’t have to spend over bill on fuel to travel to the physical store to make the purchases. Who doesn’t want to enjoy lower prices for their regular and must have stuff for their home? And that too not going to cost you for visiting the gas station? Online grocery shopping always wins the race.

Add/remove items before you check out

Yes, this is an amazing feature with the shopping ofonline Indian groceries. Just imagine you shop online for jeans or shoes. You would be building your favorites and make the final choices at the end by sorting out among the choices. Now this is also possible with your online grocery shopping. Unlike walk-in stores, you don’t have to worry about the not-so-needed items picked by you and noticed while billing.

It is the good point with the online grocery store that you can have an easy glance at all the items that you have stored in the cart and make edits. This is the area you can decide whether you have filled the basket with really needed items. You are able to see the grand total of what you are going to buy with online Indian groceries shopping. You can make decisions regarding the things that you think are not essential right then, get rid of them and delete the items in the basket. And you are able to stay within your budget.

Wide range of products

Are you looking for a specific product that is not found in the local stores? It is quite easy to find in the stores of online Indian groceries. You have the access to explore and purchase household items from a wide variety of brands and even from other countries which will be listed out in the virtual store and get delivered to your home without leaving the place.

There are tons of sellers and brands available out in the market. You can browse over the choices and choose the one that suits your taste and budget. The immense choice is at your fingertips, exciting right? When you exactly know what you need from the online Indian groceries, the online grocery shop helps in fine-tuning your buying with great choices. Since the products will come with the descriptions, your shopping experience is going to be a lot easier.

Tips to make your online grocery shopping easy

There are much more for you to pick from the online grocery shops. It includes all stuff from food items, kitchen items to stock up, perishables and more. While there are so many choices, still some people find it hard to get the best of shopping online Indian groceries. No fears or worries, you get covered here.

  • Prepare your list

Online grocery is just similar to the offline store experience. If you don’t have a plan, you may tend to buy a lot of unnecessary items and end up missing out on the most needed ones. Hence make efforts to create a physical list of what to buy. And this will help in moving on the track while doing online grocery shopping.

  • Redo Past Grocery Orders

Will you be ordering certain items every time you buy ononline Indian groceries? Then the faster way to shop is to reorder from your past history of buying. Rather than building your cart right from the scratch, it is pretty easy to visit your past order history and click the option ’Add all items to the cart. This will give you a superfast shopping experience. You can also make quick edits of adding or deleting the items in the cart.

  • Shop during the hot sales

Before you plan to do weekend grocery shopping throughonline groceries, be sure to check out the hot deals and discount programs advertised by the online shops for the weekend shopping.  This will help you to plan the stuff that are on exclusive deals and also let you know what the other items that are on hot sales are. Moreover, it will save your time.

  • Shop with the right mood

Don’t try to do shopping when you are hungry, tired or not in the right mood to shop. You may find it difficult to achieve the shopping as you desire. Studies show that when shoppers are hungry, they tend to buy high calorie foods and their hunger stimulates them to make impulsive purchases. And ensure that your kids are fed enough before you start shopping or let them provide snacks in handy. This will help to avoid their intrusion in the shopping on online Indian groceries and makes you add items that they push you to do.

  • Order ahead of time

Though online shopping for groceries is so good in many things, still you have to remember that it is not like instant transactions compared with the physical stores. Based on where you live and the availability of items, you may have to wait for a few days or more to get your groceries. So, it is important that you plan to order ahead of time to make sure that the items reach you when you need it.

Finally, online Indian groceries are beneficial in so many aspects. However, you are the ultimate person to decide what is suitable for your lifestyle, for your family and budget. Use the tips given and stay top on your grocery spending.