How does Invisible Dental Braces change your life?

Over the last few years, invisible dental braces have become way too popular. The demand is increasing for the invisible dental aligners each day and the conventional ugly metal braces are almost vanishing since patients love using the invisible ones for teeth correction. Also known as Invisalign, these invisible braces are updated as per the latest technology from the dentistry industry. The Best dental clinic in Kolkata has also concluded that the invisible braces work much better than the conventional ones. Although being invisible to the eye, these are also made with the help of computer-designed accuracy, and due to the same; the movement of the teeth is in exact precision, thereby ensuring faster results as well. If compared with the conventional ones, they are way too comfortable and also do not involve much complication since it doesn’t have brackets or wires attached to it.

The entire procedure related to the treatment of invisible dental braces ranges between a period of 9-12 months which is half of the time taken by the metal or other types of braces for completing the treatment. The clinics in town offer the best treatment by the leading experts specializing in working with the invisible braces. It only has the dentists, who are quite experienced in cosmetic dentistry, but also understands the needs of the customers and provides a solution and at the same time, the cost of dental implant in Kolkata is also very much affordable.

How does the Invisible Dental Braces works?

At the clinics offering the best Invisible dental braces in Kolkata, the dentist would initially do a thorough analysis of the structure of your teeth followed by an impression of the same. Also, a computer might be used for scanning of impressions with the help of specialized software, and based on the same; a plan is prepared containing the details related to the movement of the teeth.

The dentists prepare a set of approximately 12-48 aligners based on the computer-generated plan. Those aligners would help to straighten the teeth over some time and you also need to visit the dentist at regular intervals to change the aligners. The first set of aligners would be putting some amount of pressure on the teeth to move them and once they move to the new position, it becomes loose and gradually it would be exchanged with the new set of aligners.

Thus, it is a fact that these aligners are invisible and as a result is very popular and favorite among the teenagers, youngsters, and adults and none of them wants the conventional metal braces.