How Does Humminbird Helix 12 Technology Fish Finder Works?

In order to use Humminbird fish finders Helix chirp mega si gps 12 fishfinder with the latest version of the software. Also, you need to install that software and many other features of this model. There are many features of Helix 12 that you need to learn about before using them. So, here is some feature information for you on how you can use them easily. Let’s have a look below and keep reading.

Focus on the Fishing

Helix chirp si gps 12 fishfinder comes with innovative technology, which makes fishing much easy for you. This model also has many standard features such as Dual Spectrum CHIP Sonar and built-in GPS—some premium technologies such as MEGA and Ethernet networking. And, the Helix also delivers all the things that you need with the huge range of models to choose from. It’s very easy to find the Humminbird HELIX series, which will make most of your time on the water.

Keypad Control

At the touch on the button of the Helix model. You can get access to the preloaded views from a user-friendly menu system operated by the soft key control that allows you to reliably operate your model in any type of situation.

Excellent Sonar Technology

You can see many more things with the innovative sonar technologies from the Humminbird Helix model. Helix fish finder available in many different models that provide your choice of sonar-like: Dual Spectrum CHIRP, Down Imaging, and Side Imaging units. Selected models of Helix has equipped with Industry-leading MEGA imaging features and compatible with the accessories such as MEGA 360 imaging.

Precise GPS Accuracy

You can get the accuracy of GPS and reliability with this model. Many models of the Helix series come with the standard internal GPS and Humminbird base map built-in. Also, you can mark your waypoints at your favorite fishing spots and find the fishes fast with the premium chart option from the Humminbird LakeMaster and the CoastMaster, also as the compatibility with the Navionics.

Networking Models

Networking models of this series able to provide you some amazing features like sonar technology, internal GPS, and mapping capability. Also, it can communicate with the compatible Humminbird Minn Kota and Cannon products. You can unlock many of its features because of One-Boat Network. Additionally, some models of this series include NMEA 2000 and the built-in Wi-Fi for even more connectivity.

ONE-BOAT Network

Many models use Ethernet networking and Bluetooth. And, the One-Boat network feature allows these models to share navigation and transducer information between the compatible models. Also, the control of Minn Kota trolling motors with the i-pilot-link. Operating Minn Kota Raptor or Talon shallow water anchors. Moreover, the synchronize operation of the Cannon Optimum downriggers and connect to Fish Smart app.

Ethernet Networking

With this networking feature, you can share information between the Humminbird models and get access to control the available Minn Kota i-Pilot Link trolling motors to get an enjoyable fishing experience. If you don’t know more about this networking, then you must learn about the networking of multiple fishfinder models.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Helix 12 model comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity that enables wireless communications to the Minn Kota Raptor and Talon shallow water anchors and the Cannon Optimum Downriggers. Wireless connection with the smartphones you can get the text and call notifications on the stock Humminbird helix screen and enables to update the software and transfer from the Humminbird FishSmart App.

NMEA 2000 Compatibility

With this wireless connectivity, you can get a new level of awareness of NMEA 2000 certified accessories. Helix fishfinder series come with the built-in NMEA 2000 support so you can keep in tune with the engine, navigation, vessel, and environmental conditions. You can connect it with the accessory NMEA 2000 data displayed in a customizable view with the other Helix chirp msi fish finder such as NMEA 2000 and Wi-Fi built-in for even more networking opportunities.

Software Update Helix 12 Model

You can update the latest software version of your Helix si gps 12, so you will also need to install the new version of Humminbird Basemapby following this update. If you just updated the software version of the Helix 12 model and didn’t install the updated Humminbird Basemap, then you will not be able to view the Humminbird Basemap. If while updating you get any error, then there is no way to recover the previous version.

And, this updating process just has only two steps to follow. Link to the instructions to download the updated Humminbird Basemap that will provide you instructions to update the Helix 12 software a the bottom of page.


All the details above mentioned you could read them and get the information about this great fish finder. This model is a rich feature fish finder that all above mentioned. You can easily and quickly learn how to use this model and how you can catch more fishes with this model.

Reviews humminbird helix will help others to buy best humminbird fish finder. It can works to a depth as it a portable fish finder gps. Side imaging fish finders feature help to see underneath your boat. Small fish finder also a better option for fishing if you are not professional.

Also, khz Down imaging works to a depth with the helix chirp gps g fish finder. Helix chirp si gps g fish finders will works best. Best fish finders use the fish and structure as Helix chirp mega di. Helix gen works well as other fish finders work.

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