How does field service software enhance your business’s team management

Field service software enriches various business industries to standardize their management and maintenance. From scheduling and dispatching to organizing and maintaining records, the software makes sure that all your business orders are in place and in time. 

The pandemic has normalized remote work, which has increased the distance between team members geographically. However, the distance has become invisible with field service software in hand. Various industries ranging from electrical, plumbing, HVAC, cleaning, and medical emergencies use this software to engage their team with the best resources to communicate efficiently and build teamwork. 

Once all your technicians and field professionals are arranged in teams based on geographical locations, experience, or assignments, you can manage the teams efficiently using the software. Along with providing you features, the software also makes sure you utilize their resources to connect with customers in real-time and help technicians on the field. 

Here are some ways you can build and enhance your team management using field service software. 

  1. Location: Industries using field service software majorly deal with technicians and their managers between the field and the office. Team leaders can monitor their field professionals from the office using the GPS integration within the software. This feature also helps coordinate team members, their location, roadblocks, accessible short routes, and stay punctual to work orders. The location feature also helps fellow team members track each other, find work fields quicker and increase efficiency.
  2. Mobile App: This is the core feature provided by the software. The mobile app is field management software in your pocket. It makes sure that all the team members are constantly connected despite their physical and geographical location. An electrical professional in the field can use the software through the mobile app to send data, upload invoices to the cloud, and attach images of the work field. The mobile app allows teams to access data from any location and time zone. It increases the flexibility and productivity of the team members. The mobile app makes sure to keep your team under your view and manage them from anywhere without any hindrances. 
  1. Scheduling and Dispatching: One of the essential functions of the field service management software is to assign teams or technicians to their scheduled work orders. Scheduling and dispatching are done by dragging and dropping the same on the calendar to view each others’ schedules. The calendar within the software makes sure to send notifications and remind teams of their scheduled work orders, including necessary information. The field dispatch software ensures that all the technicians can stay updated with their work orders and get to work on time without any disturbance or issues.
  2. Reports and Dashboard: With this feature electrical businesses professionals can make sure to report their daily, weekly, and monthly reports on time. This helps track team progress and performances in real-time from various aspects and dates. The dashboard features regular updates from a technician’s completed, pending and scheduled work orders to the invoices and estimates. It gives a more elaborate expression of all the field data in the form of graphs and charts. With this feature, team members can help each other with shifts, sort out shortages on work orders, and progress together as a team. It also helps team leaders to keep a tab on their members and guide them appropriately.

  1. QuickBooks integration: Technicians have various needs, which affect the entire team on the field altogether. One of the basic needs on the field is the customer data and the product list. QuickBooks online integration with field service software helps electrical businesses attain expanded customer lists along with their work order information. This accounting software records information on products and services used by the customers. Field Promax, one of the leading field service software in the industry, is integrated with QuickBooks integration which allows a two way sync of data between the two platforms. This also helps send across instant invoices to customers through QuickBooks. This helps teams keep their invoice information, access unlimited customer data, and function flawlessly together on the field. Leaders can manage which teams can view which information and authorize the permissions within the software. This helps protect customer privacy while managing your team’s authenticity. 

A team works the best when each member does their part better. Team management begins from building the perfect team and handling all their needs in the best way possible. Field Promax encourages every technician to become a team player by providing all the necessary features to be productive both on and off the field. With field service management software, an electrical field professional and his team can manage all their customer information, invoices, reports, data, schedules, and locate each other anywhere during work hours. Managing all of the significant parts makes communication more possible, which paves the way for efficient teamwork.