How Does Building Automation System Improve Office Efficiency

An office building with a building automation system such as a smart residential building has relatively similar features. One of the important and significant points in an elegant office building is how to control the amount of energy consumption, or in other words, reduce energy consumption, which is managed by the building automation system.

HDL Automation believes that when the space of an office or organization is equipped with smart devices and of course, connected to the Internet, it can be considered an intelligent space. In an office with a building automation system, smart devices connected to the Internet create a smart ecosystem that allows them to control, manage, and monitor working conditions and everything.

Offices are one of the primary and most essential spaces for using intelligent building control systems. Since the efficiency of employees is highly dependent on the conditions of the work environment, the building automation system provides a favorable environment for employees by controlling the optimal amount of lighting and room temperature.

The building automation system can automatically turn off lights, air conditioners and other appliances in an empty room to save energy. This system can keep the brightness in a constant range by automatically controlling the lights and curtains. Employees can focus on their work without being distracted while using the least amount of electricity for lighting. In the following, HDL Automation’s experts show in more detail how an intelligent system can increase the efficiency of office buildings and to what extent it can have a positive impact.

Intelligent temperature and lighting adjustment system

Setting the right temperature for a large and diverse population has always been one of the problems of offices and organizations. The situation gets worse when the exact details of the employees’ tastes and their desired temperature are not available. In a building automation system, the smart temperature sensor records and learns the pattern of use of the heating and cooling system by users. It then adjusts the temperature according to whether they are hot or cold at different times of the day. When employees leave the office, the sensor automatically shuts off the heating, cooling and ventilation system (Smart thermostat).

The intelligent lighting system works in the same way in the building automation system. The lights turn on as soon as employees enter and turn off when they leave. The smart dimmers in this system can adjust the amount of light according to daylight. This means that during the hours when the sunlight illuminates the room to some extent, the Light dimmers reduce the light of the lamps so that the light of the space is adequate.

Increase safety

Surveillance cameras, smart locks, and door and window sensors are some of the most popular tools for increasing workplace safety using building automation controls. 

Besides, you can replace the old traffic check system with a digital strategy. All you need is an app installed on your smartphone to lock the doors from the inside or the outside.

Improve energy consumption

Whatever your job is, with the help of building automation system can save much energy. The same intelligent lighting system and smart temperature sensor play an essential role in reducing excess energy consumption. These gadgets are a response to human laziness and forgetfulness and regulate enough light and temperature in the environment. Whenever the sensors detect that no one is in the room, they turn off the lighting and cooling or heating system to prevent energy wastage.

Also, the elegant curtains open in the warm seasons, as soon as the sun shines so that the sun does not heat the room, and in the cold seasons, they are removed at such hours to warm the sunlight. It should be noted that all this depends on your settings, and you can even control it remotely. There is a section in the smart office application that shows you the amount of energy consumed at different time intervals. With the help of this section, you can control and manage energy efficiency and consumption.

With HDL building automation system in your offices, a more intelligent working environment will be provided for all your staff to achieve high working efficiency and bring back more business cooperation by leaving a favorable impression to your partner. Go and get HDL building automation system, and nothing will stop you from succeeding.