How does a Singapore Wedding Singer entertain your wedding guests?

So your wedding is now approaching, what should you do? You can get a wedding planner to plan out your entire event, and even getting the best entertainers for your wedding. But what’s next?

There are many kinds of wedding entertainment out there. Some of them include various acts like clowns at your wedding, or DJs spinning music to hype up your guests. Some magicians can do magic for your wedding!

Of all these, there is a much better way to entertain your guests, and what’s more? It is Risk-Free!

Why is that so? Well, think about this – what if you have entertainment for your wedding that can never go wrong? Yes, you heard me, right!

The answer is getting Wedding Singer Singapore to be your wedding live band!

Below, we shall be discussing some of the ways on how a Wedding Singer from Singapore can entertain your guests and making your wedding the most memorable one they will never forget!

Sit tight and get your notes ready!

1) They are Professional Singers!

Yes, this comes without a doubt. Wedding singers need to be professional, not just on their craft, but also on their work ethics. They will make sure they come on time for their technical soundcheck and also ensure that everything is all in place for your wedding.

They will ensure that they sing your favourite songs, and making it the most heartfelt performance your wedding guests can experience.

Overall, you can get the best wedding singers from Singapore at just a quick search on Google!

2) They can double up as Wedding Emcees!

Do you need a professional host your wedding and take out the entire burden of planning, and getting your friends to do it for you?

With just a little bit of a top-up, your professional wedding singers can double up as your wedding emcee to host your entire wedding for you. In this case, you do not need to trouble your friends to help you to host your wedding! Everything is done for you by a professional.

Won’t this be a great way to just to sit back and enjoy the night when your wedding is a once in a lifetime event that you would want everyone present just to come and enjoy themselves to the best that they can?

If your answer is yes to the above, it is without a doubt that you need to engage a wedding singer to double up as your wedding singapore emcee, and host your wedding for you!

Trust, and this will remove your entire stress of wedding planning and hosting!

3) Wedding Surprise

Are you a fan of surprises? If yes, you are sure to be in a treat for this!

Wedding singers love to surprise guests in Singapore. They will surprise you by secretly finding out your favourite songs from your friends, and also they will sing these songs for you during your wedding!

Everyone has songs that they love to hear, and which better time is it to listen to tor a live performance at your wedding, with your favourite wedding singer singing your favourite tunes?

Yes you got it right! Your favourite tunes! Your wedding singers will be singing them for you as a surprise for your wedding!

What are you waiting for right now?

4) Dedication Slips

Besides you love to have your favourite tunes at your wedding, your guests would love them too!

For a professional wedding live band company, it is a normal thing for guests to dedicate songs to you. For this, every wedding live band company will provide a few dedication slips, and they will be putting them on every table for your guests. Your guests can then take the drops and write in their favourite tunes for your wedding singers to sing them!

Besides, in every dedication slip, there is also a messages section where they can write personalized messages for you. Your wedding singers will then read them out for you while they are performing on stage.

Trust us; when you listen to these messages that the singers will be reading them out, it will be a fun and magical moment for you. You might even tear up just by listening to them!

5) Uplift the overall mood!

Have you been to weddings whereby everything is just dead? When we mean dead, we mean the guests are just quietly seated at their seats without doing anything.

That is dead.

Or, would you prefer to have a wedding whereby your guests are down on the dance floor, and everyone is dancing their hearts out with the live band? Can you picture this beautiful moment?

Wedding Singers from Singapore will do this! They will get your crowd down to the dance floor, and dance with them on the music they are singing!

Trust us, when you see your guests all dancing on the dance floor, this will be one of the best moments and highlights of your entire wedding. Who knows? You and your partner will also be down dancing your hearts out with your wedding musicians, dancing with the wedding live music!

6) Wedding Singers are Affordable

Lastly, we would like to advise you that a wedding singer are affordable! As compared to other entertainments whereby everyone charges by the thousands per headcount, you can be sure that wedding musicians are just by the hundreds per headcount.

Yes, you heard us, right!

Wedding Singers are not expensive! That is the best part because you will never go wrong with getting a wedding live band to perform for your wedding, and also, your pockets won’t get burnt!

You will never regret your decision when you choose to get a professional wedding singer to sing for your wedding because it is one of the most affordable and cheapest options you can choose as your wedding entertainment!


Wedding planning is always challenging because for most of you, it will be your first, and hopefully, your last time plan you are for yoru wedding.

For this situation, couples are usually very inexperienced, and they do not know what to do. They do not know what is best for them, and which entertainment suits which kind of crowds.

Planning your budget for your wedding is also one of the most important aspects of wedding planning. Many people burst their entire wedding budget and not getting what they want. Thus, it is essential to get the proper people to help advise you on what to get that best suits your crowd, and also best suits your budget.

If you are looking for a wedding live band to perform for your wedding, you can try a company called Musical Touch in Singapore. They are one of the most professional companies out there, and they have professional wedding singers and emcees to host your entire wedding!

As mentioned, wedding planning is strict! Be sure to get the right professionals to help you, and guide you to choosing the best entertainment for your wedding!

Take care, be safe, and happy planning for your most significant once in a lifetime event of your life! Remember, weddings are the most comfortable thing that a couple can have in their relationship! Be sure to be happy during your event!

Happy wedding planning!