How Does a Digital Wayfinding Solution Use Physical Kiosks?

Today, we all rely on navigation technology such as GPS apps to reach our destination. But what about your workplace? 

Most office buildings are spread across floors or, in some cases, across buildings. And as more and more companies are adopting hybrid work models, they have flexible desk arrangements and changing meeting rooms. In such a case, it is difficult for employees to find their way to a new area in the office every day. 

So, how can companies make locating spaces easier? One way is to provide your employees with a navigation tool, such as a digital wayfinding solution. Digital wayfinding is a popular choice among businesses today to help employees and visitors find their way about office space. In fact, as per a report by ‘Research and Markets’, the global digital wayfinding solutions market will grow 16% annually from 2021 to 2028. 

The most popular way to implement digital wayfinding is by setting up interactive kiosks. Curious to know how these physical kiosks can help your employees and visitors? Let us find out.

How Physical Kiosks Help With Digital Wayfinding 

Physical kiosks provide a user-friendly interface to navigate your office premises. As a part of your digital wayfinding solution, you can install them in both indoor and outdoor locations. So, people can access a nearby physical kiosk no matter where they are. 

Through physical kiosks:

  • Visitors and employees can view the map and pinpoint the location of their destination.
  • Visitors can ask the digital wayfinding tool for directions and navigate the premises. 
  • Employees can locate their colleagues.
  • Employees and visitors can give feedback through the same interface. 

Let us now look at three ways you can use physical kiosks in your workplace as a part of your digital wayfinding solution. 

  1. Use Them For All-accessible Directional Assistance 

Physical kiosks with digital wayfinding solutions can provide directional support to visitors, guests, and new employees who might be unfamiliar with the workplace. Interactive physical kiosks allow guests to: 

  • Access the complete map to your office 
  • Search for their conference rooms, meeting rooms, refreshment areas, etc., without having to ask staff or employees. 
  • Reach their desired destination using a navigation feature that gives them turn-by-turn directions.
  1.  Use Them To Collect Valuable Visitor Data

Instead of a pile of registers or ledgers, office receptions can use a physical kiosk to collect visitor data. This data is then stored in a digital visitor log. You can also place these kiosks in multiple locations to collect feedback from employees and visitors. 

Facility managers can analyze this data and gather valuable insight to enhance visitor experience. They can also upgrade their digital wayfinding solutions if needed. 

  1. Use Them As Message Boards 

The digital wayfinding solution allows you to convey messages throughout the office via digital kiosks. This process is easy, quick and effective. So, you need not put up notices to broadcast important information in the office. 

For example, if you want to block a corridor for cleaning, you can display an update on physical kiosks located throughout the office. 

Benefits of Using Physical Kiosks For Digital Wayfinding Solutions

  1. Promote Inclusivity

A modern workplace caters to people with different mindsets and preferences. So, providing a standard experience to all of them will build a positive image of your company in the market. 

A digital wayfinding solution with speech assistance, braille indications, and sign language integrations can make the physical kiosks more accessible for people with disabilities. It will also promote self-service in the workplace.

  1. Highlight Brand Values

From static logos to videos showing your company’s growth, physical wayfinding kiosks can display content to promote your company and its values. 

You can customize the display of the digital wayfinding technology to match your brand. Thus, it helps create a brighter and more welcoming image of your company.

  1. Reduce Costs

Physical kiosks for digital wayfinding solutions help people access your digital floor maps, no matter where they are in the office. It saves money on thousands of printed pages for maps and guides. You can quickly relay all such information in a digitized and fun way through interactive kiosks. This can also decrease your company’s carbon print, making it an energy-efficient workplace. 

The Bottom Line

Digital wayfinding solutions ensure that your employees feel confident and comfortable at work. It also saves a lot of time that they can use for other important tasks. A digital wayfinding solution can help create a simple, accessible, and flexible hybrid work environment for your employees and visitors. So without any delay, choose a suitable digital wayfinding solution for your workplace! 

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