How does a condo and a townhome differ?

Buying a place to live is one of the most difficult tasks to do due to many factors. It is not an easy job; you need to keep so many things in mind before buying a place. From location to price and the interior everything needs special attention. At the same time that place must fulfill the comfort level because only in this way, that makes the place well worth the living.

However, while buying it is always a big issue, what to buy, whether a Condo or a Townhome? At the same time, here arises a frequently asked question, that is how does a condo and a townhome differ? Let’s start off by discussing a general difference between the two.

What is a Condo?   

Condo the short form of Condominium is a building or a community of building in which the units are owned by individuals. A condo is more like an apartment, but what makes it different is its already done maintenance. A condo owner does not need to worry about such factors because it is the responsibility of the owner of the association.  

The condos come in various styles, sizes and varieties as well as an individual can choose the one in the desired location. Since you only own a unit in the large building and it is not your private ownership, this factor makes it differ from a townhome.

What is a Townhome?

Now, here comes the case, what exactly is a townhome? Well, a townhome is totally different from a condo. There exists a huge difference between the two. A townhome is a house with two or more stories, which is owned by a family or an individual alone. The ownership of a townhome includes the entire property as well as the exterior lawn and the relevant area, which the property covers.

Moreover, the maintenance, the insurance and other factors related to the ownership of a house is the responsibility of the owner. A townhome is more private residence as compared to a condo but it is more expensive.

How these Two Differ?

What actually makes one differ from another is the responsibility of the each that comes while the ownership accordingly. A condo is different from a home in a way that it is a small unit inside a large building, which an individual own. However, a townhome a more private residence, and the owner is responsible for the entire maintenance of the interior and the exterior.

Although a condo does not come with such responsibilities at the same time it is more towards social entertainment and less private. That’s another huge difference, which an individual experience between the two. However, a townhome is more private residence and does not involve participation in social activities.

Another important factor is the price and the expense that come along the relevant place. A condo is less expensive than a townhome, which makes it a best and preferable for an individual. Also, it does not require the responsibility of the maintenance and the other things like exterior of the house. A condo ownership is much recommended because everything else is the responsibility of the association.

As well as the insurance of a condo is also not a responsibility of the individual that owns it but it is the responsibility of the HOA. But it is not the same with owning a townhome, the insurance and other taxes are the responsibility of the person who owns the house. It also, proves to be such a huge difference between the two and clearly one can choose a suitable place to live accordingly.

Which is best a Condo or a Townhome?

Keeping in mind the major differences among the two, a condo proves the best choice for a person and it worth living. Not only that it is cheap and affordable but in terms of environment and the surroundings. Majority of people prefer buying a condo.

Although the flexibility in price also do count but the little maintenance and the no insurance makes it the first pick for an individual when it comes to buy a place.

However, the townhouse is not a bad choice but due to high maintenance and greater responsibilities very few people prefer buying a townhome.


Talking about the fact what actually makes a condo differs from a townhome does not involve only one factor. There are so many things that together make a huge difference between the two. The one major difference is the price or the amount of the two.

The condos are more affordable and cheaper than a townhome, which creates a huge difference. Other than that, the environment and the surrounding also contribute to making one different from the other. Hence, depending on desire and the requirement an individual can choose accordingly.