How Does a CNC Machine Work? A Simple Guide

Did you know that over $83 billion was spent on CNC machines in 2018?

Since their invention, CNC machines have increased the efficiency and accuracy of production everywhere. They are now found in almost all manufacturing industries.

If you are considering adding a CNC machine to your workshop, what do you need to know? First, you ask, “How does a CNC machine work?”

Why not read our in-depth article to find out the answer.

1. What Is a CNC Machine?

CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control.

This name immediately gives you an idea of how it functions. Previous machining tools required constant manual corrections and control by operators. They used a series of levers, buttons, wheels, and other controls to set the machine and make adjustments.

This has now been upgraded to accurate computer control. A pre-programmed computer manipulates the machining tools to produce an incredibly accurate result.

CNC machines have revolutionized the engineering and computer industries. This has caused many industries to purchase them outright or search for used CNC machines for sale to improve their production output. 

2. How Does It Work?

The CNC machine is very much like a robot. It receives instructions and then, following these instructions, it applies the requested cuts into the materials.

You might think of CNC machines shaping metal objects. However, CNC machines can also cut plastics, foam, and even wood. The cutting technologies for each material are different.

For metal objects, you may choose to use a milling machine. A plasma cutter or high-pressure water jet may be used to cut other materials into the desired shape. 

3. How Is It Programmed?

The CNC machine can only cut objects as accurately as it has been programmed. This programming is inputted using keyboards attached to the CNC machine. It is then retained by the computer’s memory. 

The code itself is created by programmers who generally use a code known as G-Code programming. This means that CNC machines are incredibly flexible. Essentially, they can create anything that the rules of physics and the programmers can envisage. 

Further code is not static and unchangeable. The code is regularly updated and pre-existing programs revised. G-Code is an evolving technology. As it develops CNC machines will be able to undertake even more complex tasks.

How Does a CNC Machine Work? Plus, Much More

CNC machines are crucial to the engineering and manufacturing industries everywhere. Since their invention, they have revolutionized the scale, speed, and accuracy of the production of metal parts.

If you have ever wondered, “How does a CNC machine work?”, now you know how they work and how valuable they can be. 

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