How do your style by completing your look with refined jewelry and Bangels


From shaking hands initially introductions to taking sips of wine on a night with a beloved, our hands and wrists are a part of how we communicate. As basic movements like gesturing and reaching for objects expose our hands and wrists, making a press release or expressing your style is straightforward. Acting as a blank canvas, our wrists can help to precise our personalities and unique quirks. Whether you select thin bangles or bold neoprene bracelets, dress your wrists up to match any outfit or special day.

Add finesse and class to your style by completing your look with refined jewelry. From delicate pearl bracelets to statement gold bangles, find a bit that suits your style.

1.Understanding the Difference

Though both worn on the wrist, bracelets and bangles are two very different types of jewelry. Bracelets are more delicate and versatile, commonly made out of links or other connecting components that aren’t molded to carry a specific shape. Bangles, on the opposite hand, are always ring-shaped.
Choosing to wear a bracelet or a bangle may be a completely personal decision. counting on your style or occasion, you would possibly choose one or the opposite – or even both.

2.Choosing a method and style

When it involves selecting the right bracelet or bangle to feature in your collection, it’s important to recollect that no two individuals are equivalent. From simple and understated styles to bold and contemporary looks, all jewelry-wearers have unique preferences and requirements for the perfect bracelet or bangle.

If you’re browsing for a special day piece, a press release cuff bangle might complete your look. If you’re trying to find something special to feature to your everyday appearance, an understated neoprene bangle or pearl bracelet might work best.

3.What to understand When Choosing Your Ideal Pieces

Before you opt on a bit, make certain to undertake it on and examine how it suits your wrist, hands, and overall appearance. Some people prefer the pliability of a bracelet for everyday wear, while others wish to make a bold statement with a cuff bangle. Whether for daily use or reserved for special occasions, it’s best to spot your preferences and requirements early when you’re thinking of investing in a new bracelet or bangle.

4.Explore our Collection of Bangles and Bracelets

Adding new pieces of jewelry to your collection is an exciting time. From refining your everyday style to selecting new pieces for a special day, the experienced jewelers at Linneys are here to assist. We guide you thru our bracelet and bangle collection to assist you to examine and evaluate which pieces work best for your style. Handcrafted in Western Australia, you’re guaranteed a wearable piece of art once you choose a Linney’s bracelet or bangle.

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