How do you prepare your car for scrap?: A minimalist’s guide

Not all old cars become a vintage with time and actually turn into scraps. For most car owners having a old useless car is a matter of inconvenience. Anything you want to do with it will cost you money and that is something we all try to avoid. But there is good news and as a matter of fact, you can get cash for your scrapped car.

There are companies who recycle scrap metal like steel, copper or aluminium as well as other materials from old used cars and helps in keeping the environment cleaner. Dumped cars in junk yards are turning out to be increasingly bigger problems for many first world countries and with Car Removal Sydney who offer free car removal services but will also pay you instant cash. You can easily contact with any of these companies for scrapping your old car but before you handover the car, here are few things you must do in order to prepare it for scrapping.

Remove all your personal belongings for the car

The first thing you should do while making your old car ready for scrapping is to remove all your belongings from inside it. As a matter of fact, it has been found that all sorts of things are left behind in the cars and forgotten forever and before you turn your car to the scrappers search every inch of it for long lost and forgotten items.

  • The Glove Compartment: It is the centre storage compartment of your vehicle and while checking it makes sure that no booklet or visiting card has slipped inside and is absolutely empty.
  • The pockets: the pockets behind the front seat are the places where a number of small items are left and then forgotten. It will surprise you what a wide variety of things are found in the pockets like money, car mobile chargers, dry fruit packets and even adult toys sometimes.
  • The sun visor: This is another place in a car where people often keep things like driving license and blue book, various receipts and sometimes bank cards too. Always check out properly that no such important document is left behind in the car. Losing these things are not only includes harassment but can also cost you a considerable amount of money.
  • Under and between the Seats: If possible, roll the seats back for a checking or simply search with your hand and you will be surprised how many lost coins and other small items have actually accumulated there. Don’t be surprised if the underside of your seats turns into piggy bank.
  • The Boot: Though it seems obvious always give your car boot a thorough search including the spare wheel compartment.

Once you have searched your car for your belonging and cleaned it of all kinds of rubbishes there are a couple of more things still to do before handing car over to Cash for Cars Sydney like

  • Check the car for any kind of leak and if there is any inform the scrappers.

Remove both the front and back license plates in order to prevent any possible misuse.