How do you know your business idea is great?

Do you plan to start a business? You should have a workable business idea. However, do you wonder whether the idea you have could be a great thing? How do you tell? These are some of the things to ask yourself about your idea. 

If you want to start a business, it will take you time and energy. You have to self-reflect and find yourself a business idea that’s viable and realistic. For instance, if you want to make it big in the music industry you should know where to start. SoundCloud might be the right place in this case. You are going to need SoundCloud likes to attract some attention though.

Besides, after you have that excellent idea, how do you ensure it blossoms into a successful venture? That’s why the early planning stages are vital. You have to put the idea to the test to consider it suitable. 

To determine whether your business idea is good or not, consider these questions. 

Does Your Idea Solve Any Problem?

One of the ways to determine whether your idea is great, it’s determining whether it can solve a problem. Successful entrepreneurs claim that the best business ideas should solve a problem in the market. 

If you have a problem affecting you, your friends, co-workers, and friends, there is a higher chance that it’s affecting other people as well.

To continue with our example from earlier what would getting SoundCloud likes solve? Just about anything. Gaining more attention to your personal work and overall presence is the best marketing strategy that can support your business idea greatly.

Will people pay for your idea?

The other way to determine whether your idea is viable is to consider whether customers accept it. The idea you have remains an idea until the moment you get a paying customer. You have to know that anyone can discredit your simple idea. The good thing is that no one will discredit paying customers. 

What is the price point? 

If you have a problem, there are countless ways to solve it. However, to determine whether your business idea is great, it should solve the problem in a less expensive way than the market endures. 

After you determine that your idea can solve the problem cheaply and legitimately, it can be termed as a great idea. Your idea should not only deliver solutions to the world but value to people who pay for it. 

The moment you determine your solution’s price, that can assess whether what you are offering is worth it. 

Do you have a sizable market for your idea? 

A good idea has a large market. If not, this idea may never get off the ground. Therefore, determine whether the niche market exists to utilize your idea. 

For your business idea to succeed in the market, it should improve what’s already present. 

Are you passionate about the idea? 

If you start a business, most likely, it will consume much of your time. So, ensure your business idea is something you’re passionate about for it to be successful. 

You have to ensure that your idea is something you’re passionate about. It shouldn’t be something you only target because it looks lucrative. 

Remember that starting a business will require you an inordinate amount of patience, energy, and time. You, therefore, have to ensure that your idea is something you have passion, skills, and experience for before you can implement it. 

Have you tested the idea? 

The best way to determine whether your idea is great is by testing its viability with strangers. You have to test it, not only with your friends because they may not tell you the truth. Try with honest people who are your ideal target audience and listen to their feedback. 


If you have a business idea, it would be the best thing to know whether it can succeed in the market. By looking at the above questions, they will help you determine whether your business idea is great. A good idea proves to be worth it and testing it ensures it is suitable or not as you thought.