How do you find a good plumber in North York?

You need a plumber, but finding a decent craftsman in Canada isn’t always easy. How do you find a good plumber? Giving priority to word of mouth, checking your reputation, comparing prices, trust first contact, etc. will be the keys to finding a professional you can trust. Here are our tips for finding a good plumber for your job.

How do you find a plumber in North York you can trust?

A water leak in the bathroom, a toilet that no longer works … In an emergency, finding a trusted professional to resolve a difficult situation is not easy. However, it is essential  not to jump on the first number found in the directory. Otherwise, beware of workmanship, delays, to the abandonment of the site or the bills with exorbitant prices.

Check the reviews on Google: With their name or that of their company, you can easily see the ratings and comments left by their former customers. This gives you a first idea of ​​his skills and the quality of his work.

Check out his website:  This plumber may have a website, which proves his seriousness and professionalism. A good way to know a little more about his company and his professional career.

Learn about the company: Eliminate scams with bogus companies.  Find out  about the real existence of the latter and its financial situation. 

Check that the professional has all the necessary insurance and guarantees:

Poor workmanship or scams do not only happen to others! So, before signing the estimate with a plumber, ask him to present his insurance and the guarantees to which he has subscribed (ten-year guarantee, two-year guarantee, etc.). 

Use a serious networking platform: You don’t have time to look for a plumber for your work? Have you just arrived in a new life and no one can recommend a company you can trust? So do not hesitate to use sites for connecting individuals and professionals, such as AqualuxDP.

For your renovation work, go through a professional to take advantage of Plumber North York plumbing services. 

A plumber is essential for this work:

The plumber is the professional that it is essential to contact in certain situations. From simple renovations to emergencies, here are the cases in which you should contact him:

  • Repair of a water leak (bathroom, toilet, kitchen , etc.),
  • Unclogging of pipes ( pipes that smell bad , etc.),
  • Unblocking a septic tank ,
  • Repair or replacement of a smoking water heater or boiler ,
  • Unclogging toilets,
  • Change Or Installation Of A Sink ,
  • Change or installation of a new toilet,
  • Change or installation of a sink , shower or bath ,
  • Connection of your plumbing ,
  • Pipe maintenance ,
  • Plumber work (renovation, installation), 
  • Etc.

Plumber-heating engineer, plumber-zinc worker … How do you know which one to choose?

We saw it just above, the plumber can perform a multitude of services, even specialize in a particular field in addition to his core business:

The general plumber

It is the one that we think of first and that corresponds to the image of Epinal that we have of a plumber expert. You will need him to carry out a plumbing installation / renovation and for all the daily hazards: leaking toilet flush, clogged sink, etc.

The sanitary plumber

He is a professional who specializes in water supply (specifically what concerns cold and hot water supplies) and in the evacuation of wastewater  and sanitary appliances. You will need this sanitary installer if you are creating or renovating your bathroom, kitchen and installing / troubleshooting WCs.

The plumber-heater

It is this specialist who will need to contact you for troubleshooting or installation / maintenance of your domestic hot water and heating water production equipment: boiler, hot water tank, water heater, radiators. water (central heating) or for hydraulic underfloor heating. Very often, they offer maintenance contracts for your equipment that prevent you from skipping the annual check!

The plumber-zinc worker

He is a lead and zinc specialist. It is an exceedingly rare profession these days . Instead, contact a roofer-zinc worker to maintain or build a zinc roof, or even install a rainwater drainage system.

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Finally, if you want to  find a qualified plumber quickly, approach sites that connect with professionals like This is a free service for individuals which allows you to receive several quotes from professionals near you and to save considerable time. Without forgetting the guarantee of finding a trusted professional whose assurances and quality label have been verified in advance by customer service.