How Do You Deal With People Who Don’t Take COVID 19 Seriously?

There is no lack of people across the globe, who don’t believe in COVID 19 despite witnessing how life is not normal anymore. No wonder, there is term Covidiots for them. Well, there are different types of such Covidiots. Few of them just trust in conspiracy theories and don’t even want to think if anything like a pandemic even exists. Then there are those who may agree about coronavirus being real and spreading in the world but they also don’t take it seriously. More probably for them, COVID 19 is just the flu and gets cured easily.

While the type one Covidiots who don’t think that any such virus even exists is much dangerous. They are more likely to spread it by refusing to take any precautionary measures.

Type two Covidiots can also make the problem worse by not taking adequate measures.

How to Recognize These Covidiots

Such people in the first place don’t follow the coronavirus preventive measures. For example, they may refuse to use the mask in public places, use hand sanitizers, wash their hands repeatedly, or to maintain social distancing.

How to Deal with Such People

Here is a tip. First, of being clear that coronavirus is real, it does exist and the usual life is disturbed due to some reasons. Otherwise, governments have no interest in allowing lay-offs, bringing the economy to a halt, and bear health-related expenditures. The virus has infected and killed more than 130 million people and 5 million people respectively across the world.

Further the virus also doesn’t have an immediate cure. The only possible way to get rid of it is a vaccine that doesn’t seem to reach the masses before the first half of 2021.

Given such circumstances, a responsible citizen of the world not only needs to take coronavirus preventive measures but also needs to educate fellow citizens.

How to Deal with Covidiots?


First of all, be soft on them. Teach them, make them aware, and talk to them with facts.


Address their concerns if they merely believe in conspiracy theories.


Ask them to maintain social distancing and use preventive measures.


Just in case they don’t listen limit your interactions with them and make sure to communicate with them through remote channels like video calls etc.


Don’t hesitate from adopting a strict approach like saying No to social invites from the people who don’t believe in anything like coronavirus.


Just take an excuse from shaking hands with them. In these circumstances, such behavior will not make you look any less courteous.


Keep in mind that social distancing is good not only for you but also for them. So, if you say no then it may cause issues between both of you temporarily but it may finally pay you both in a long run.


Just in case, if you can’t refuse a hand-shake then, offer them a hand sanitizer and also a mask.


Just in case the person doesn’t want to wear a mask then maintain a distance of 6 feet from them or don’t bother to ask them for it openly since it is a matter of lives.

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