How do you Clean and Maintain Hairdressing Scissors?

We understand how important it is for you to maintain your hairdressing kit in a perfectly functional condition. After all, your kit is what makes you the star hairdresser you’re today.

Maintaining the scissors can be a tricky job, mostly because scissors are generally made up of steel or cobalt, which eventually corrodes if not taken care of enough.

But don’t worry; this article will help you out in ways that can make sure that your hairdressing kit remains all classy and shiny for a long time. All you need to do is to grab your favorite cup of coffee and scroll your way down till the end of the article.

Appropriate cleaning

Remember, your scissors, thinners, and texturizers are the most important tools of your job. These are the tools that make your hairdressing techniques so unique. That’s why cleaning them up at the end of the day is a must.

After a tiring day of several haircuts, your tools are also tired and dirty, with hairs stuck between various nooks of the scissors. Use proper oiling daily, which will eventually improve the performance and durability of your favorite scissors.

Storing Scissors Properly

Oiling your tools daily are good, but only oiling isn’t enough to maintain your scissors’ performance. The major factor that impacts your hairdressing scissors the most is the environment itself.

To secure your scissors from the adverse effects of the environment, especially dust and moisture, the scissors must be stored in a neat and clean box, placed in a separate compartment after oiling daily. In this way, the moisture and dust will not stimulate rusting within your scissors which is the main enemy of your thinners and texturizers.

Using only for Hairdressing

Probably the most important thing to work on. Remember, use your hairdressing scissors only and only for haircuts. The hairdressing scissors aren’t the traditional scissors used for opening packages or cutting strings, etc.


Cleaning and maintaining your hairdressing scissors are essential. Based on their daily use and widespread usage, we know that maintaining them can be a pretty hectic job. You need these excellent scissors to boost your hairdressing career further. Moreover, try to buy scissors from a top-notch brand made from top-notch material. We hope this article helped you in getting a clear picture. Best of luck with your hairdressing career; you’re a star indeed; never stop shining at the end of the day.