How do you choose the best moving truck size?

You will need to pack your things and get your appliances ready to move when you find a new place to call home. When moving, it will be a lot easier if you do as many preparatory activities as you can. Among these preparatory activities is determining the appropriate moving truck size to conveniently meet your specific requirements.

It is vital to pick the correct moving truck

If you’re moving your belongings, it is essential to know the various dimensions of trucks and select the one that suits your needs and budget. You’ll be wasting your time and will have to make many return trips if you rent an unwieldy vehicle. You may end up paying for additional space that you don’t need if you choose a moving truck that’s too big for your requirements. When choosing the right size of a moving truck, consider whether you need ramps for loading or if you would be able to pull a car behind it. It is also important to have enough space to carry all your possessions if you hire long-distance movers.

There are a variety of sizes to choose from when it is time to move trucks.

If you’ve never moved before, it is possible to be confused about the appropriate truck size for you. It’s even more difficult if your rental company offers different sizes of moving vehicles to its customers. Here’s a brief explanation of truck sizes:

  • Trucks for average load move: If your load is moderately sized, the standard truck size might vary anywhere between 15 to 17 feet long. A medium-sized load could include the moving of possessions out of an apartment or a 1 bedroom home. This size should accommodate anywhere between 3 to 4 rooms depending on personal preference. This truck size is also perfect in the event that you need to move or transfer the operations of a small business.
  • Trucks for smaller load move: These small moving trucks are perfect for smaller apartments with only 1 bedroom. A compact truck can be used to move stuff from a large apartment, provided you’re willing to take the truck on numerous journeys. Your load falls under this category when you’re moving items from a dorm or studio apartment that does not have any appliances.
  • Trucks for large load move. The length of trucks needed for transporting heavy cargo can reach 26 feet. This type of truck is capable of moving 2 or 3-bedroom houses that have up to 8 rooms. They can carry up to 500 medium-sized boxes in a typical setting. Additionally, you can use them to transport up to 15 big furniture pieces.

If the availability of rental truck sizes makes you want to rent a large truck, you should ensure that you have moving blankets available to keep your possessions from moving around in the truck. If you choose to opt for a smaller size vehicle, you might want to think about renting a trailer with it.

How to select the appropriate size of moving truck for your next relocation

In general, the size of the moving van is determined by the number of rooms that you’re moving out and also whether you are transporting large appliances or furniture or even towing a car. A step-by-step guide on how to estimate the moving truck size can be found below.

List everything you’ll need to pack into the vehicle to make sure you don’t miss anything

Before you determine the dimensions of your moving truck, create a checklist. This will help you to identify the space needed. It is essential to assess everything, from bedding to your possessions, before deciding on the truck size.

Use a truck capacity estimator to estimate the size of your moving truck.

Online calculators allow you to enter all the things you wish to move, and then choose the appropriate truck size for the task.

Call a truck rental service

After you have calculated the number of furniture pieces and boxes you will be moving, it is now time to get in touch with a truck rental company to determine the cost and van sizes still available. Include an explanation of what your load is and what you’ll require to move. Ask about loading methods and get advice on the best method of packing a truck. Also identify the rental price structure (per mile or per hour, etc).

Take a look at the various moving truck companies.

It is essential to connect with many companies that rent moving trucks. You should make a list of the dimensions they offer and the capacity of each, the costs, and whether they have the capability for towing or loading ramps.

How can you lease a moving truck?

The amount of boxes that need to be packed is only one aspect to be considered in calculating the dimensions of the required moving truck. You also need to consider the size of rooms in your current home, how large your pieces of furniture are, and whether or not you’ll need to move your appliances. Listing all the items that need to be relocated is the best way to plan the truck size that you will need to make the move. It’s also the best way to make sure you choose one that has all the truck accessories you need.

The next step is to ascertain whether or not the truck is required to pull something including a vehicle or a recreational vehicle. If you’ve decided you’re moving, you should contact an organization that handles moving via their website or phone. By doing this, you will increase the chances that the truck you require will be in stock on the day you need it. In conclusion, whenever possible, it’s best to overestimate rather than underestimate. It’s not worth spending a lot of time and effort to fill a moving truck just to find that it won’t transport all your belongings