How Do You Calculate Sales Tax In Canada? How Much Tip Should You Leave?

— Calculate Sales tax in Canada

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And also we will guide you best for how much tip should you leave, at the time of tipping it would be very confusing. But don’t worry; this article will definitely take you from all the confusion.

A Quick Review on Canada Tax

There are two types of tax in Canada federal and provision tax. There are different types of taxes in all ten provinces and three territories. The federal amount is fixed for every single province and territory.

Some provinces and territories have provincial or territorial sales taxes and some have not. Alberta has no provincial tax, they just have to pay GST only.

Here Is How To Calculate Sales In Canada….

Normally, there is nothing hard to calculate the sale tax rates in Canada. If you know the trick then you can very simply calculate the sale taxes.

Do you want to know how to calculate the sale tax in Canada? If yes, then just have a look below…

Price + GST + PST is equal to the final price and this formula is implemented at any province or territory of Canada.

See, how easy it was to calculate sales tax in Canada.

What Is a Tip?

So, the tip is actually some money that you can give as a thank-you note to the server for his service. It is basically given as a supplement to their income and to make them happy and motivated. 

How Much Tip Should You Leave?

Most people get confused at the time of the tip. Are you one of them? Do not worry. We will guide you on how much you should leave the tip.

Normally, there are no rules for tipping. It totally depends upon you. Most of the people follow the 15% to 20% law.

If you are confused then you can also tip for 15% but it’s not a compulsion. The best would be if you will follow no rules and give a tip with happiness.


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