How Do Online Ludo Games Make Money?

As per the recent surveys, India’s online gaming business revenues have reached a whopping $150 billion by the end of 2019. It also revealed that the major share of this business had been taken away by the online Ludo game. The old strategic time pass game has completely taken over the online gaming industry, especially in countries like India.

Around 50,000 people in India play online Ludo on various homegrown platforms. There are several examples of online Ludo platforms such as Ludo King, Ludo Classic, Ludo All-star, Ludo 2019, and the list will go on. Such a high number of games have given work to Ludo game development companies, and these farms are using the latest technologies to serve investors with the best possible Ludo game development services.

So, with the help of this article, let’s try to understand what are the ways by which an online Ludo game makes money. We will also see some considerations to be kept in mind before an investor hire a Ludo game developer.

Here are several ways by which investors or operator make money from online Ludo game:

1. Membership charges:

These are the charges levied to the gamer once the trial period is over. The majority of the gaming platform takes the credit card number in advance for timely payment. Membership charges are one of the direct means to earn money from online Ludo games. Such charges could be one-time or recurring according to the policy of the game.

2. Advertisement:

A very basic but integral way to earn is to let other businesses use your platform for their advertisement. Advertisements help investors capitalize on their gaming platform to earn money and build relations with other businesses.

3. Tournament Charges:

Online Ludo games sometimes organize live tournaments. For participation in such a tournament, gamers have to pay a few charges. Tournament charges could be compared with an incentive for operators and an opportunity for a player to win a big amount in just one go.

4. Real to Virtual Money:

The majority of games have their own virtual currency, so do online Ludo games. The gamers pay real money to these platforms; in return, they get generic money which is valuable only in-game, such transactions add up to the revenue of the operator.

5. Player’s Investment in-game

No player ever uses all the generic currency he bought, by paying for additional features for the game. Such a deposit lies with the operator, who uses that investment for extra earning by investing somewhere else or even expanding the existing business sphere. So, now you could see several methods investors make a profit from online Ludo games. Now let’s see a few aspects of starting a new online Ludo gaming business.

Few Aspects to Consider Before Developing Your Ludo Game

Before an investor decides to get an online Ludo started, he has to get the software. Such customizable gaming software is provided by several Ludo game development companies. However, operators must examine a few facts before they decide to Hire a Ludo Game Developer.

The developed game must have unique features to attract gamers, as the game is already old and may turn out to exhaust the gamers very quickly. The Ludo Game Development Company must be able to make the desired game equipped with graphics and compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, and so on.

Direct cash is the biggest source of revenue, so the developer must make a highly secured and well-encrypted payment gateway. It is also necessary to keep the game easy to understand to attract many potential gamers. The trust of gamers is directly related to the resolution of issues; that’s why the game app developer must be able to provide all sets of solutions and live support. For live support, Artificial intelligence could also be used. Also, Ludo game development and managing costs must be in a profitable proportion of expected revenue.

Summing up:

Now, you have seen the importance of the basic features; however, the specification is needed to make online Ludo games unique and attractive. Wrapping up the article with a sense of satisfaction, it could answer how the investor earns money from the online Ludo game business.

It is ultimately the player who pays for everything, so; developers must put some effort into enriching the user experience. By making user-friendly and user-centered gaming, online Ludo gaming is becoming a high-performing industry of the day. Mobzway Technologies opens doors to earn through online Ludo games.

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