Crypto currency is one of the most trending ways to make money in today’s time, doesn’t matter if you are an investor or a trader. Crypto currency exchanges are the best way to get the piece of that pie. Coinbase crypto exchange is one of the best and oldest crypto exchange available. The veteran crypto exchange is an ideal platform for a beginner to excel as well as for any experienced investor and trader. 


To start trading users are required to open a trading account on Coinbase app/website. Coinbase offers an easy and uncomplicated verification similar to any online stock trading app.You can either create an account directly from the Coinbase website or sign up through a referral link. Users are required to verify themselves through government documents. Once you have all the required documents the verification just takes around 5 minutes.

Once the account is created, users can then link your bank account, debit card to transfer funds.


  1. Violation of coinbase user agreement

In most cases, coinbase account freezing is strongly related to violations of the user agreement. When you sign in to coinbase, you automatically accept the platform’s user agreement. Coinbase is pretty clear with this: failing to comply with these rules will cause a customer’s account to be frozen, limited or even deleted.

  1. Unusual activity on your account

If coinbase finds any evidence of fraud or suspicious activity on customer’s profiles, they will immediately limit the account. Most times, accounts frozen due to unusual activity are meant to avoid the high risk related to the loss of the user’s assets.

In that case, its fundamental to always activate additional security measures, such as phone verification and two factor authentication.

  1. Failed to complete verification process

identifying your identity is fundamental for withdrawing money from coinbase, linking your bank account, and more.

To complete this verification process, you will be asked to provide personal documents, as well as your home address, financial details and more.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to add payment method unless you complete the review process efficiently.

Your phone number, email id, account data and more needs to be correctly verified in order to access all the features available on coinbase platform


Before proceeding, keep in mind that Coinbase will provide you with a message where theyproperly state the reason for your account limitations.Of course, the information we just gave you is meant to give you a bigger picture of what happened with your account. But, on the other hand, finding the best way to fix your frozen account can only be achieved through two proven methods

  1. Perform a password reset

In case we are talking about a minor limitation in your account, mostly related to security issues,performing a quick password reset might be the perfect solution for your problems. Follow all the steps that appear on the screen, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Try contacting coinbase support

this is number one fix for these problems. if you can’t withdraw funds to your bank account or simply can’t get into your profile then contact coinbase support.

the team will ask you to provide important personal documents and more details regarding your case.

what’s more they will state the reason for blocking your profile which will later on help you solve it.

whenever you face a hard freezing the best course of action will always be to contact the support team as soon as you can.

worry not increase your account gets frozen you will you will still be able to move your funds if they are determined that you can’t use coinbase anymore.

coinbase offers 24/7 support. coinbase crypto exchange has live chat support. If you do not prefer call support, then coinbase crypto exchange also provides an email address so users can also mail their issues.