How do I relieve a migraine?

Migraine is not just a simple headache. It is a recurring type of severe headache that is usually felt on one side of your head. It is a part of neurological condition and often accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, visual changes and sensitivity towards light, sound or smell. While some people might have occasional migraine, others can have migraine very frequently. It can be quite troublesome as this condition can impact our daily activities. There is no cure for migraine. Treatments will focus on reducing the symptoms. Luckily, there are many treatments available to relieve a migraine.

  1. Cold compress

Placing a cold pack on your forehead will help to ease the headache. You can simply wrap ice cubes in a towel and press it on your forehead. Do this for 15 minutes and then take a break for another 15 minutes. Repeat the same step until you feel better. Sometimes, having a cold shower also can do the job.

  1. Quiet and dark room

Many people with migraines are very sensitive to light, sound or smell. They report that all these conditions will make the migraine worse. You can dim or close your bedroom lights, then take a rest in that quiet room. Relaxing environment is important in helping to make migraines go away.

  1. Mindfulness

This is a type of mental meditation that can help ease physical pain. You just need to sit, relax and be in the moment. Focus all your concentration and energy on your breathing. A study in 2016 shows that this type of meditation has the same effect as medication alone. Mindfulness will act as a distraction to the physical pain, which in turns will help the mind to relax.

  1. Massage

This method is a matter of self-preference. Some people found out that massaging the shoulder, neck and temples will help to reduce migraine. However, some people might be sensitive to touch and it makes their migraine worse. So, make sure you know what is best for you. You can choose to massage by yourself or hire a professional masseuse.

  1. Yoga

Knowing how to relax during a migraine can be a useful weapon in fighting this condition. Yoga is a type of relaxation practice that helps in improving blood flow and reducing muscle tension. A comprehensive study in 2014 reported that practicing yoga during a migraine episode would ease the migraine faster than usual.

  1. Lavender

You can try to inhale a lavender essential oil or sip some lavender tea. These products usually can be found in a lot of stores, including pharmacies and health food stores. The scent of lavender can make you relax and helps in reducing headache severity.

  1. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is a well-known trigger for migraine. When the body does not receive enough water, there will be an imbalance of fluid and electrolyte level in the body. This condition will usually trigger a migraine. Taking adequate water and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is enough to treat dehydration. In severe cases, oral rehydration solutions can be taken to replace the fluids and electrolytes.

  1. Medication

If home remedies fail to relieve your migraine, you can opt to take some medications. Painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen are available over-the-counter and can help in reducing your pain. Some medications such as triptans and caffox are specifically used to treat migraine. Make sure to consult your doctor first for any side effects. If your migraine makes you feel nauseated and very sick, you can also take an antiemetic drug. You may need a combination of home remedies and medication in order to help relieve your migraine. Hence, make sure you always remember to collaborate with your doctor in finding a suitable treatment.