How Do I Reduce the Time of a Website in WordPress?

If you are wondering how to fast WordPress website, there are several different methods available to you. Most of them are non-technical, while others require some knowledge of coding. The good news is that most of them can be carried out by anyone, including non-technical users. Once you’ve implemented these methods, your website will be faster than ever.

Disable hotlinking

Disabling hotlinking is a great way to decrease the time it takes a website to load, but it can also cause problems for your website. Not only can it affect your website’s performance, but it can also violate your brand’s integrity. Disabling hotlinking can protect your brand by ensuring proper credit is given to any media objects used on your website. It also helps you save bandwidth and ensure that your website receives plenty of traffic.

There are a few different ways to disable hotlinking to decrease the time of a website in WordPress. The first method is to install and activate a security plugin. Some security plugins already include built-in hotlink blocking functionality. A popular security plugin is All In One WP Security and Firewall. Another method to reduce hotlink time is using a content delivery network such as Cloudflare. This content delivery network also has a dashboard option for disabling hotlinks.

Optimize your homepage

The reason why you should optimize your homepage to reduce the time of a WordPress site is that slower websites generally result in lower traffic, fewer conversions, and decreased revenue. The good news is that there are many ways to optimize your WordPress site without being a website optimization expert. These methods can help you create a faster site and get higher page views, generate more leads, and convert more customers.

First, you should consider the size of your images. You might want to use smaller images if they will take longer to load. If you have to use large images, consider reducing their size before uploading them. Use image editing software to reduce the size of images. A compression tool, such as Imageoptim, can be very useful for optimizing images. Alternatively, you can use a WordPress plugin to automatically optimize your images when they are uploaded.

Update your PHP version

Whether you want to update your PHP version to speed up WordPress, you can find instructions for doing so in your hosting control panel. The instructions may differ for every hosting company, so you need to check which version of PHP you have on your site and what to do in case of issues. After you have found out which PHP version to upgrade, you can then perform the upgrade. Make sure to test the change on a staging environment before you update the live site.


While it is not necessary to upgrade every plugin and theme on your website, updating your PHP version may help your site load faster. Not only will it improve the user experience, but it will also boost your search engine ranking, increase conversion rates, and increase your sales. WordPress is constantly improving, and PHP is no exception. While WordPress is the main engine, plugins and themes are constantly being updated, and PHP is the language that powers WordPress. So if you want your site to load faster, you must update your PHP version regularly.


I am Selim Khan Dipu (Professional Blogger)