How Do I Qualify for a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan?

Personal injury law is a type of civil law that generally deals with remedies against a “person” who is liable for an injury. In a personal injury lawsuit, the victim or plaintiffs tries to show that the defendant or defendants should be held accountable for causing injuries to the victim. You can sue a person in court by getting a cash loan from us.

You might need cash after being injured and going through surgery and treatments, but you cannot work until your condition improves. However, you might not be able to recover from your medical problems thoroughly, and your medical debt could become overwhelming. Then you will probably need a case loan that can give you some quick cash when you need it most.

Are You Eligible for a Loan?

You should have an injury claim that a government authority or insurance company has accepted. If your injury claim is still in dispute, or there is any amount of controversy involved in the case, then you can’t get a case loan from us. However, if your injury claim has been accepted and you are already receiving medical care, you can get a cash loan.

Your injury claim should also be legal to pursue in the first place. If the courts or other government authorities do not recognize your injury claim, it would be impossible for you to get a case loan from us. Before getting a cash loan, you will also need to clear all the debts and other payments, such as rent or mortgage.

How Can I Get a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan of My Own?

If you have an injury claim that has been accepted and you have no other issues with your case, then you can qualify for a reasonable amount of cash which you can use for just about anything. There is no credit check or income requirement before you will be qualified for a personal injury lawsuit loan from us.

We do not require any personal information from you, such as your social security number or driver’s license number.

If you get a personal injury lawsuit loan from us, we will handle the payment of your medical bills, outstanding debt, and other bills. And we will ask you to pay us the agreed repayment amount back over time. You will receive an interest-free case loan from us until your case is settled.

If you are denied a personal injury lawsuit loan because your claim does not meet all the above qualifications, then we expect you to appeal our decision by filing an appeal with the court system.

How Much Will a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan Cost?

For a personal injury lawsuit loan, you should usually expect to pay us between 10% to 20% of your settlement. The amount of money we need from you depends on the value of your settlement, the interest rate, and our overhead cost. 

You will also need to pay us some legal fees so that we can represent you in court. We usually require a 25% down payment with the balance paid all at once upon receiving your case loan.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan Be Used?

Personal injury lawsuit loans can serve almost any purpose. But you should be careful because if the case is not settled in your favor and decides against you, you will have to pay the loan back at a higher interest rate and with a higher payment.

Once you qualify for a cash loan, we will work with you to determine the amount of cash you can get along with the repayment terms. Additionally, we will process your case loan as fast as possible. You can get your cash as soon as the same day if your application is complete and you have met all our requirements. 

Apply for a Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan Today

To apply for a personal injury lawsuit loan, you can complete our simple application form and submit it to us. We will review your form, verify your eligibility and give you the final approval or denial of your application. If we approve your cash loan application, we will send a letter of approval to the address you provided on the form.


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